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How to purchase items in Kenya from AliExpress.

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Aliexpress is a sister company of Alibaba. The two are different in that Aliexpress.com is a retail platform that sells goods to customers or individuals, whereas Alibaba.com offers goods in bulk to producers, businesses, and re-sellers. Similar to Jumia and Kilimall, Aliexpress links millions of customers and merchants worldwide.

How to purchase on AliExpress in Kenya: A Guide

  • Create an account at Aliexpress.com by visiting the website.
  • Go to “My AliExpress” after registering to input your shipping address.
  • Look for any item that catches your attention. To purchase the best product, make sure to look at the seller and product ratings and reviews 
  • Make sure you have chosen the appropriate products by checking their color, size, model, version, etc.
  • Place the order 
  • Pay for your purchase 

Following the placement of your order for your product, AliExpress will email you a “tracking number” that will enable you to follow the development of shipment.

How to import, ship from Aliexpress to Kenya

  • DHL Product weight is not restricted (best choice)
  • Postal Address

Customs duty and handling fees for the post office are your duty to pay.

The delivery time for a posta order can range from 20 days to two months. The cost decreases as delivery time increases. DHL typically takes 4 to 5 days to deliver packages, however JKIA approval may add an additional 3 days. Regardless of how tiny your things are, you must pay tax while using DHL, but not when using Posta.

How Kenyan buyers can pay for their purchases on Aliexpress

Different payment options are available on Aliexpress. Choose whichever approach suits you the most for Kenyan buyers.

Visa, Mastercard ,Western Union, Mpesa and Bank Transfer

Your payment is secured by Verisign SSL, keeping your credit and debit cards safe.

How to keep your money safe from scammers at Aliexpress

  • Seller evaluations Always purchase products from merchants with good feedback. Customers won’t be sold poor products by sellers that value their reputation. Good sellers have a high number of sales and a good rating.
  • Please be sure to examine all of the item’s details, according to the product information. Don’t let pictures fool you alone. Examine the features, details, compatibility, size, version, color, model, originality of the manufacturers, guarantees, and brands.
  • Before purchasing any item from AliExpress, use the chat feature to contact the seller and clear up any questions you may have regarding the item.
  • Shipping method: Always take note of shopping details. Select dependable shipping options like posta to prevent obtaining things that are damaged. You should avoid choosing free delivery because it will take longer to get your order.
  • Import Duties, Taxes, or Custom: You must pay import duties, taxes, or other fees associated with customs. However, you shouldn’t worry because the custom fees are not that high. It still makes sense to purchase from Aliexpress if you add the cost of customs to the goods price.
  • Buyer Protection: Make sure that what you buy is safeguarded.

If you don’t get the thing you paid for, you won’t lose your money. Once you make a payment, Alibaba Cart will hold it and only release it to the vendor after you’ve received your purchase. If you don’t get the item, you can request a refund.

Make sure the Aliexpress item you buy is protected by buyer protection.