Home Energy Energy Company EDF  launches Pulse Africa Awards to support low-carbon companies

Energy Company EDF  launches Pulse Africa Awards to support low-carbon companies

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EDF, the world leader in lowcarbon electricity generation is launching the 5th edition of EDF Pulse Africa Awards, to be held from July 10 to August 10, 2023.

The new edition of EDF aims to maintain and strengthen the “EDF Pulse Africa Tour” in order to select projects as close as possible to the local context.

“The aim of the Pulse Awards is to identify and support African companies in the development of low-carbon products, services and solutions that will support the continent’s energy development,” EDF said in a statement.

 EDF also wishes to renew its “EDF Pulse Africa Accelerator” support program dedicated to accelerating the activity of SMEs and start-ups on the continent.

From 10 July and for one month, African SMEs and start-ups will be invited to participate in the call for projects divided into 3 categories: low-carbon decentralized production, energy efficiency and low-carbon consumption solution and decarbonization trough digital technologies.

“Following a pre-selection via the online platform www.africa-pulse.edf.com, all shortlisted candidates will be invited to defend their project before a jury of regional experts in 6 African countries (South Africa, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco and Mozambique),” it added.

“The various events will be organised in partnership with African incubators and other EDF institutional partners.”

Ultimately, six regional finalists under the ‘EDF Pulse Africa Tour’ will defend their projects at the Grand Finale in Paris later this year (December).

“For this 5th edition of EDF Pulse Africa, in addition to project development grants ranging from 10 to 20,000 euros, the winners will benefit from personalized support from the EDF Group through its “EDF Pulse Africa Accelerator” program,” it said

“This comprehensive support plan will enable companies to develop their low-carbon solutions with EDF customers or partners in Africa.”

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