Challenges Mount for Copia as Layoffs Continue and Customer Complaints Surface

Challenges Mount for Copia as Layoffs Continue and Customer Complaints Surface

Following the termination of 50 employees in Kenya and over 300 in Uganda, Copia is currently in the process of letting go of 350 staff members in Kenya.

The affected individuals are expected to receive their termination letters by the conclusion of this week. Copia, a Kenyan-based e-commerce company, caters to middle-to-low-income African consumers, aiming to provide a seamless shopping experience in an underserved market. The company had ambitious plans to expand its operations across the African retail landscape and took its first step into Uganda after successfully securing funding.

Regrettably, Copia recently decided to cease its operations in Uganda due to unfavourable market conditions and a shift in focus towards maximizing profits. In 2021, the e-commerce platform initiated its expansion plans into the rest of Africa, which initially included Uganda. As a result of the shutdown in Uganda, over 300 employees were unfortunate casualties of the company’s decision.

In an attempt to prioritize profitability, Copia made the difficult decision to close its operations in Uganda and redirect its focus solely on the Kenyan market.

However, it appears that even the Kenyan operation is facing challenges in achieving the desired level of profitability. Amidst the current economic uncertainties and other unfavourable business conditions in the country, Copia’s recent series of layoffs aligns the company with other technology firms that have downsized.

A quick glance at social media unveils a rather grim situation with suppliers voicing concerns about unpaid dues, and customers expressing frustrations over issues such as undelivered products and incorrect orders.