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Government Provides List of Funding Requirements for University Students.

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For 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) students who intend to apply for government funding under the new educational model, The University Fund provided a list of requirements.

The new regulations were revealed by the fund’s management, who also pointed out that the paradigm at work here is a student-centered approach to expanding access to higher education for all students.

Students who meet certain financial requirements can apply for loans, whilst those who have excelled academically but want financial aid can apply for scholarships.

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The amount of financial aid that an institution will provide a student will depend on several variables, including their academic standing, their financial situation, and the particular academic program they are enrolled in.

Necessary documents

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1. A valid email address, which will be used to register for an account and upload and submit documents.

2. A working phone number that is registered in the student’s name and used at the time the loan application is submitted.

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3. The KCPE and KCSE index numbers and the exam year.

4. Passport-size photo, which will be uploaded to the account.

5. A copy of your national ID, is required for loan applications.

6. College/University admission letter.

7. The registered phone number for the parents.

8. The national ID number of your parents.

9. Death certificate if one of your parents passed away.

10. The IDs and registered phone numbers of the two guarantors (for the loan application).

Students will be categorized as either “vulnerable,” “extremely needy,” “needy,” or “less needy” under the new system. Under the vulnerable category, students who are living in extreme poverty and have no other source of assistance will be eligible for full government scholarships.

Students from low-income families who have little money to cover their tuition at different schools and universities around the nation are viewed as being in dire need.

A student must come from a middle-class household to qualify as having financial needs since the primary breadwinner must make more money to cover all of the children’s school expenses.

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