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 Cardano  collaborates with African Blockchain Center to launch  a training program in Nairobi

 Blockchain Cardano  networks has  collaborated with African Blockchain Center to launch a two-month training program in Nairobi,

The Cardano training program in Nairobi will equip participants in Haskell programming language, Marlowe financial smart contracts, and Plutus smart contracts.

According to the announcement, the training program will significantly focus participants with the necessary skills in Haskell programming language, Marlowe financial smart contracts, and Plutus smart contracts.

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The program will involve both in-person training at the African Blockchain Center and virtual settings.

Reportedly, the director of education at Input Output Global (IOG), Lars Brünjes, is expected to lead the training program in the next two months. Additionally, other key experienced persons will be working closely with Brünjes to help aspiring developers in Kenya obtain the necessary skills in smart contract and DeFi development.

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Notably, the Cardano training program in collaboration with the African Blockchain Center will encompass both virtual and in-person meetings. The first two weeks of the Cardano training program will involve in-person meetings at the Africa Blockchain Center.

The remaining six weeks will involve virtual meetings in a bid to reach out to more students seeking blockchain knowledge. Meanwhile, the IOG has requested the training participants to offer their feedback and insight throughout the entire period.

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The Cardano network has undeniably grown to a mature ecosystem with a market capitalization of about $10.4 billion and an FDV of around $13.4 billion. Notably, the Cardano ecosystem had a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $179 million and a Stablecoins market cap of about $15.67 million. The Cardano numbers are expected to go exponentially high in the coming months amid the mainstream adoption of digital assets  led by institutional investors.

The Cardano (ADA) network aims to onboard more Africans to a modern means of financial inclusion through decentralized financial services. Moreover, digital assets led by Bitcoin have proved to be a strong remedy to the rising global inflation. Additionally, the continent has remained receptive to Bitcoin among other digital assets led by the Central African Republic which adopted BTC as its official legal tender.

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