Ed Partners Africa, Oikocredit  partner to enhance access to quality ,affordable private education in Kenya


Ed Partners Africa  has partnered with social impact investor  Oikocredit  to enhance access and quality of affordable private education in Kenya.

According to the company,challenges such as outdated curricula and limited infrastructure have long acted as barriers. The partnership aims to eliminate these obstacles, ensuring every Kenyan child has access to top-tier education.

Amos Mwangi CEO of Ed Partners Africa, said”This incredible partnership with Oikocredit will empower more Kenyan private schools to elevate their standards, aligning with the nation’s new educational framework. We’re poised to make a lasting impact.”
As part of the partnership, Oikocredit has granted a $1.5 million loan facility to Ed Partners to increase it’s capacity to provide loans to affordable private schools, enabling them to improve and expand their infrastructure.

While education remains a fundamental right, many Africans face challenges accessing essential services, including quality schooling. This collaboration is a significant stride toward reshaping Kenya’s educational landscape.

With initiatives like Beyond Loans, we’ve been providing schools with resources and advisory services. Oikocredit’s Lewis Nyaga (M.A.)