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Telegram Celebrates a Decade of Innovation, Introduces Telegram Stories in Latest Milestone Update

In an exuberant celebration of its 10th anniversary, Telegram unveiled its most substantial update, Telegram Stories. 

“Over the last ten years, we’ve diligently crafted countless features that now empower over 800 million individuals worldwide. With this remarkable update, we proudly introduce Telegram Stories, a captivating feature distinguished by a dual camera mode, intricate privacy controls, customizable duration choices and a plethora of additional enhancements,” noted Telegram in a blog post.

Marking a significant leap forward, Stories have now seamlessly integrated into the Telegram experience, allowing users to swiftly share pivotal moments and gain deeper insights into their friends’ lives.

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This particular innovation emerges as the most fervently requested addition in Telegram’s storied history. 

“Months of dedicated innovation and refinement have culminated in Telegram Stories, an offering that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our diverse user base. The Stories feature graces the upper section of your screen in an expandable format, preserving the complete view of your chat list and folders,” The social platform noted.

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Upon engaging with a story, users can readily share it, engage in private replies, or express reactions – from a swift heart emoji to an array of diverse reactions achievable through a prolonged press.

As a default setting, your home page showcases stories from all your contacts, while the option to conceal stories from specific individuals channels them into your archived chats.

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Revolutionizing Capturing with Dual Camera Mode

Enabling comprehensive scene capture, stories allow users to capture both images and videos using their device’s front and rear cameras concurrently. This unique functionality empowers users to allocate each camera’s perspective, even while recording.

Enhanced Expressiveness with Stickers, Locations and Captions

Leveraging Telegram’s robust media editor, stories come to life with the incorporation of text, drawings, stickers and geotags. For added context, captions can be integrated, offering an avenue for more comprehensive descriptions, friend tags and web links.

The integration of multiple images from personal galleries or external sources via web searches further enriches the storytelling experience.

Empowering Privacy with Granular Controls

A paramount consideration, is privacy settings for stories that offer four distinct options: Everyone, My Contacts, Close Friends, and Selected Contacts. 

These options are fully customizable, affording users the ability to include or exclude specific individuals as desired.

Furthermore, users possess the power to construct a list of viewers prohibited from accessing their stories, thus ensuring confidentiality.

To heighten the sense of privacy, an option exists to disable screenshots, thus deterring viewers from capturing and sharing the content.

Stories Integrated within Profiles

“Stories are endowed with varying durations – 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours – granting users flexibility.”

These stories can also be posted to user profiles, arranged in an aesthetically pleasing grid format. This showcase allows both long-standing contacts and new acquaintances to witness the highlights of your life at their leisure.

The integration of stories within profiles doesn’t compromise privacy; each story can be governed by distinct privacy settings to control its viewership.

Unprecedented Editing Capabilities

A revolutionary feature in the realm of social media, stories can be edited at any time, allowing alterations to visibility, captions, on-screen text, stickers and more, all without necessitating a complete repost.

To edit a story, simply access it from the originating device and tap the ellipsis icon followed by “Edit Story.”

Insights through Detailed View Statistics

Upon opening a story, users are enlisted in a roster of viewers that remains accessible to the story’s creator, akin to a read receipt. 

This feature offers heightened engagement and interaction insights.

After posting a story, a comprehensive list of viewers can be perused, with the capacity to filter by contacts and sort based on recent views or reactions. 

A user seeking to ascertain a specific viewer’s engagement can utilize the search function for pinpointed results.

Enhanced Anonymity with Stealth Mode

For heightened anonymity, Premium users have the option to enable Stealth Mode. This functionality erases their views from stories accessed in the last five minutes, concurrently concealing their subsequent viewing activities for the next 25 minutes.

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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