Next-generation Nissan Leaf to spawn into an electric SUV


The Nissan Leaf was one of the first mass-market electric vehicles, but it has since experienced low sales  due to a strong competition from rivals that have outperformed the car in terms of driving range, charging speed, and technology.

According to a report by Automotive News, Nissan executives informed US dealers that the next generation Leaf might take a design akin to the bigger Ariya SUV rather than its usual hatchback shape.

The report continues to reveal that the Nissan Leaf successor might have up to 25% more driving range than the present electric car, which has an estimated driving range of 270km to 385km depending on battery capacity.

Nissan dealers were told of two further electric cars that are scheduled to enter thel lineup before the end of the decade. The first model will be a sports sedan, while the second will most likely be another SUV.

The automaker currently anticipates that 55% of their global mix will be “electrified” by 2030, including EVs and hybrids. The company also announced plans to introduce 15 electric vehicles by the end of this decade, as well as eight new hybrid models.