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Google to Sell Maps Data to Solar Companies, Aims for $100M in First Year

Google is gearing up to sell its mapping data to companies engaged in the development of solar products, intending to generate an estimated $100 million in revenue during the first year of this initiative.

According to reports from CNBC, Google intends to provide new mapping APIs (application programming interfaces) containing valuable solar, energy, and air quality data.

These APIs are intended to be licensed to various companies involved in renewable energy ventures.

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“Among the proposed APIs is a Solar API that could be harnessed by solar installation companies such as SunRun and Tesla Energy, as well as solar design firms like Aurora Solar. Other potential customers include real estate companies like Zillow and Redfin, as well as hospitality enterprises like Marriott Bonvoy and utility providers such as PG&E,” CNBC reported.

The Solar API’s data sources will include information gathered from Project Sunroof, a consumer-oriented project launched in 2015.

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Project Sunroof functions as a solar savings calculator, enabling users to input their address to receive estimates on solar-related expenses, potential savings on electric bills, and the necessary solar installation dimensions.

The tool also offers 3D modelling of rooftops and nearby trees, leveraging Google Maps data.

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Google’s plan involves offering API access to individual building data and aggregated data for entire cities or counties.

The company claims to possess data on over 350 million buildings, a significant increase from the 60 million buildings associated with Project Sunroof in 2017.

Internal documents anticipate that the Solar APIs could yield between $90 and $100 million in revenue within the initial year post-launch. The documents also hint at future integration possibilities with Google Cloud products.

Additionally, Google is set to introduce an Air Quality API that allows customers to request air quality data for specific locations, including pollutants and health-based recommendations.

This offering will encompass digital heat maps, hourly air quality information, and up to 30 days’ worth of historical air quality data.

As part of this revenue strategy, Google is leveraging its mapping capabilities to tap into the solar and renewable energy market.

This initiative arrives in the context of Google’s efforts to monetize its mapping services amid economic challenges.

While the company’s focus is on efficiency, it’s also investing in emerging technologies like generative AI and sustainability, which aligns with the intent of the Solar API.

Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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