Microsoft’s Background Removal in Paint begins rolling out to Windows Insiders


Microsoft‘s Paint app is taking a significant step forward as it begins rolling out a new update to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels.

This latest version, labelled 11.2306.30.0, introduces an exciting feature: background removal.

The Principal Product Manager Lead for Windows Inbox Apps, Dave Grochocki expressed excitement about this development saying, “With background removal, users can now effortlessly eliminate the background of any image with just a single click, leaving behind a clean and well-defined cutout of the subject.”

This innovative tool is designed to streamline the editing process and enhance the creative capabilities of Paint users.

The background removal feature is versatile and offers two primary modes of operation.

Users can choose to have it automatically detect the subject from the entire canvas or make a specific selection using the selection tool.

This flexibility empowers users to tailor their editing experience to their unique needs.

To initiate the background removal process, users simply need to paste or import their desired content onto the canvas and then click on the newly added “remove background” button located in the toolbar.

Additionally, for more precise control, the rectangle select tool allows users to specify a particular area for background removal.

Microsoft is eager to receive feedback from its community of users, valuing their thoughts and suggestions on this exciting update.

They encourage users to report any issues, provide feedback, or share their experiences using the new background removal feature.

Feedback can be submitted through the Feedback Hub by pressing WIN + F and navigating to Apps > Paint.

It’s important to note that an earlier version of this update, version 11.2306.28.0, was released earlier in the day but included a bug that displayed a confidentiality banner.

However, this issue has been swiftly addressed in the newer update, version 11.2306.30.0, ensuring a smoother and more secure user experience.