Bad Habits to Break that Will Ruin Your Smartphone


Has the lifespan of your smartphone fallen short of what you expect? Here are five things you are likely doing incorrectly and suggestions for correcting your bad habits.

Failure to Use a Case or a Good Warranty

Although a caseless phone may have a cleaner appearance, the danger is simply not worth it because even little chips and cracks can compromise the structural integrity and increase the likelihood of major damage.Additionally, when you decide to sell your iPhone or Android phone before upgrading in the future, those minor chips and cracks can completely ruin the phone’s resale value.

Frequently draining your battery

After a few years, the maximum battery life of a phone won’t be as high as it was when the gadget was brand new because phone batteries degrade with time. Although these things are unavoidable, unhealthy habits can hasten cell death by accelerating battery deterioration. You shouldn’t run your phone down to 0% all the time; instead, you should drain it shallowly on a regular basis and recharge it before it runs out of power.

Purchasing cheap cables (and handling them poorly)

Let’s start with the most explosive way to break your phone: using subpar charging cables from unknown brands. I’m not referring to products from reputable brands like Anker or those with the Made For iPhone label, but rather to the generic USB cords you could get at the corner shop for $1.

Many of these cables have the potential to permanently harm your devices, or even worse, put you at risk of electrocution or fire. Savings in the near term are not worthwhile: Buy chargers from a reputable manufacturer. Once you have high-quality cables, take good care of them.

Too Many Selfies in the Water

Despite what some advertisements may claim, there is no such thing as a really “waterproof” device. Although some gadgets may be more water-resistant than others, there is always a likelihood that water will get inside. Additionally, the more water your device is exposed to, the less water-resistant it becomes.

Not Practicing Good Security

Too many people are eager to sacrifice security for instant delight. Updates to software are one example. Although they may seem unimportant and uninteresting, those “security” patches that show up on your phone might actually shield it against malware and other major problems. Don’t delay them. As they frequently include comparable bug fixes and security upgrades that keep you safe, make sure your apps are updated as well.