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Finding Phishing Attempts in Email and SMS.

If you want to make sure an email you received has safe links and is from a known source? 

Here are some measures for staying safe:

  • Check the email’s From address. Think twice before clicking any links in an email if you don’t recaognize the sender or the address.

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  • Find a common greeting. Typically, you wouldn’t start a business email with a salutation like “Hi Dear.” An email from a friend won’t often misspell your name or use an honorific like “Mr., Mrs., or Miss.”

  • Check the link URLs. Before clicking on a link, hover your mouse over it. Your browser will display each one’s web URL. Don’t click on a link if it seems suspect (for example, a link from Netflix that sends you to a completely other domain). Move on after deleting or reporting the email as spam. 

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  • Be wary of any emails that invite you to click on a link, whether to update your payment details, update your account information, receive a coupon for free stuff, or examine an invoice you aren’t expecting.

How to Prevent Phishing Email Attempts

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