VW Group Inks Deal To Import And Sell Bugatti, Rimac Cars In US


Volkswagen Group of America has agreed to become Bugatti Rimac’s importer and distributor in the United States. The two companies intend to establish a dealer network in the United States to sell these high-end vehicles.

Volkswagen Group of America previously handled Bugatti distribution in the United States. However, with the formation of the Bugatti Rimac joint venture, this changed. Sascha Doering, currently the chief operating officer of Bugatti America, will broaden his responsibilities to encompass Rimac.

“For both the Bugatti and Rimac brands, the U.S. is the strongest single market in the world, so it’s important that we curate a sales and ownership experience befitting the extraordinary cars that we’re delivering to customers,” said Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac.

In 2021, the Bugatti Rimac joint venture was created. The headquarters of the company are in Croatia. Bugatti manufacturing continues in Molsheim, France. Porsche controls 45 percent of the corporation and Rimac alone owns 24 percent. Volkswagen Group ,on the other hand, owns Porsche.

Rimac is the company behind the Nevera, a 1,914 horsepower electric hypercar that established the world record for the fastest production electric car at 258 mph (415 kmph). At least three Neveras have been delivered in the United States by the young company.

Bugatti is also hard at work on a new model. The automaker intends to debut it in 2024 and begin deliveries in 2025. Mate Rimac, the company’s CEO, characterizes it as a “hypercar rearranged as a hybrid.”