How to quickly verify my KRA pin with my ID number 


When conducting business and submitting returns, your KRA pin is a crucial business document. To prevent further hassles, you must retrieve the PIN as soon as you can if you forget it or lose the PIN certificate. You have a variety of options at your disposal. So, here’s how to use your ID number to check your KRA PIN. 

If you wish to conduct business with governmental organizations, limited liability corporations, or suppliers, a government PIN can assist identify you or your business. KRA PIN retrieval can be done in a number of different methods. Here is how to retrieve your KRA PIN as long as you know your ID number: 

  • Visit the nearby Huduma Center or KRA office

 If a KRA office or a Huduma center is nearby, stop by and inquire about KRA PIN recovery services at the customer care counter. You will need to present your real identification before getting a printed copy of the record. It is best to store it securely to prevent frequent misplacing. 

  • Contact KRA via social media 

What if there isn’t a KRA location nearby? In this situation, sending your PIN retrieval request over social media is a quick and practical choice. However, you must first send a message requesting the service to the official KRA social media channels after scanning a colored copy of your original ID card. 

Twitter is a great choice for people who like the digital option. In less than an hour, the media team will respond to your tweet or direct message. 

You can choose to speak with the team or send them a direct message on Facebook as another option. In case of any questions regarding the Personal Identification Number, the staff is also accessible. 

  • Send KRA an email.

 If you don’t like social media and live far from a KRA office, you can submit a scanned copy of your ID to [email protected], the organization’s official email address. Experience has shown that social networking sites are the most efficient way to request help because a quick response is virtually guaranteed. 

Email is the least effective method to utilize when requesting help with KRA PIN recovery because there may be a wait in their response, which can be annoying. If you decide to write to them, make sure to follow up by using another form of communication.

  • iTax portal Assume you have the email login information for the account you used to register for iTax. In that case, simply use your ID number or email address to go into your iTax portal, choose to “Reprint PIN certificate,” and then download the file. This approach is trustworthy, and it is advised to use a password that is simple for you to remember.
  • M-Service 

The KRA recently launched the M-Service application, which allows taxpayers to electronically submit and pay turnover tax and rental income. Users can also access their own or personal PINs. The Google PlayStore has the application. 

  • iTax pin checker KRA 

Is it possible to obtain my PIN using the KRA pin checker? is among the most frequently asked search queries. You can use the checker to verify that the document you have is authentic. To access this service, users must have their ID number. It’s vital to remember that the PIN checker can only produce information about the taxpayer’s fundamental characteristics. 

You now know how to check for your KRA pin using your ID number if you’ve ever wondered, “What are the steps on how to check my KRA PIN using ID number?” You can select the retrieval method that best fits you. Make multiple copies of the KRA pin certificate once you’ve downloaded it to avoid getting stranded again in the future.