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SwahiliPot Hub Signs MOU with UNICAF to Empower Youth Through Mentorship and Scholarships

SwahiliPot Hub, a prominent innovation and technology centre in Mombasa has taken a significant step towards empowering the youth of the region.

During the fourth edition of Pwani Innovation Week 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between SwahiliPot Hub and UNICAF, marking the beginning of a transformative partnership.

Under this partnership, UNICAF will provide 80% scholarships to SwahiliPot Hub community members, enabling them to pursue undergraduate, master’s and even PhD studies at various universities worldwide.

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The scholarships will also encompass virtual courses, opening up opportunities for learners in various fields.

Also, during the tech week, Mahmoud Noor, the Chief Mentor and Founder of SwahiliPot Hub announced plans for the training of 150 case managers (mentors) within a one-year timeframe, in partnership with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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“The primary objective of this initiative is to produce an additional 150 professionals,” Mr Noor alias Mentor001 noted.

“I hope to reach 300 mentors and engage 20,000 young people across Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale, providing them all with access to mentors.”

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This mentorship initiative is set to empower and support youth across Mombasa County.

The theme of this year’s Pwani Innovation Week, “Sailing Beyond Borders: Empowering Youth in the Digital Economy for a Sustainable Future,” aligns perfectly with the goals of this partnership.

Mentorship, as highlighted during the event, plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of youth.

Speaking at the event, Secretary To The Cabinet, Republic Of Kenya, Mercy Wanjau said, “Change is the only constant in life. Then that mentorship, like everything else, has evolved with the times. Mentorship is a relationship between people, where the mentor provides advice and guidance to their mentee to help them grow, learn, and develop.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pwani Youth Network, Alfred Sigo emphasized the importance of mentors’ sincere efforts in ensuring the success of their mentees.

He stated, “Making sincere efforts to ensure mentees succeed is what being a mentor is all about. It is as much their success as yours. Mentors always have their mentees’ best interests at heart and will support them with their time and resources. Let’s explore the idea of a mentor and what it entails. Leaders are servers. Be the change you want to see.”

On his part, Kaye Matereke, Senior Partner at Tactive Consulting, emphasized the collaborative nature of mentorship, saying, “Mentorship thrives on the collaborative effort between a stakeholder and an individual aspiring for growth. To realize its full potential, both parties must invest their energy and commitment. Trusting your mentee is the best gift you can give them. Feeling like someone trusts you is the best motivation you can have in your job. Today, these are the things I try to act on with my team.”

In conclusion, the partnership between SwahiliPot Hub and UNICAForg represents a significant stride in promoting education, mentorship, and youth empowerment in the coastal region of Kenya. As the program unfolds, it is expected to provide valuable opportunities and guidance to aspiring youth, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu is a Tech enthusiast, happy to delve deeper into the African tech space covering Social Media, AI, Startups, Telcos, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Women in Tech and all matters Tech.

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