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Samsung urges Apple to embrace RCS texts in a romantic video

Many companies have made efforts to urge Apple to embrace RCS texting technology and implement it into iMessage over the years. The latest trial comes in the form of a short clip by Samsung

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a cross-platform protocol designed as a successor to SMS. It incorporates many of the features present in modern messaging programs such as Apple’s own iMessage, but with a focus on compatibility.

When an RCS text is transmitted to an iPhone, Apple converts it to SMS and MMS, both of which are antiquated technologies from the 1990s. This problem has pushed users of other operating systems to seek solutions via third-party apps, a hassle that would be avoided if Apple joined the RCS train, which is where Google’s #GetTheMessage campaign comes in.

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Samsung has expressed its support for the campaign by releasing a short video in which it informs Apple that “green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.” The term “bubbles” refers to Apple’s iMessage interface, which displays feature-rich blue bubbles for messages sent between Apple users and green SMS bubbles with less funtionallity when iOS users receive texts from Android counterparts.

The iPhone maker has historically been hesitant to implement RCS since the company utilizes iMessage exclusivity to iOS as a way to lock its customers inside the Apple ecosystem. However, regulators are currently investigating whether iMessage fits the criteria for being classified as a “core platform service”, if it does, Apple would be obligated to provide interoperability with rival messaging services.

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The GSM Association, which represents a wide range of firms in the mobile sector, including device and software companies, internet corporations, and many more, chose RCS for deployment in 2008. It has since become a universal standard, which Apple users would undoubtedly benefit from.

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