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Nigeria’s Treepz, Octamile Partner to Launch Treepz Care, An Insurance Program for Travelers & Hosts

Treepz, a car-sharing marketplace has partnered with Octamile, an insurtech startup, to introduce Treepz Care to offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to Treepz’s vibrant community of guests and hosts.

Treepz, with a goal to build Africa’s largest marketplace for car rentals with insurance coverage for both guests and hosts through its partnership with Octamile, an insurtech startup digitising insurance processes in Nigeria.

According to Onyeka Akumah, CEO of Treepz, “We are delighted to partner with Octamile, a company that has established itself as a leader in the digital insurance industry over the years, to introduce Treepz Care, its insurance program designed for the users of its marketplace—both guests and hosts.”

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Established in 2019, Treepz is a car-sharing platform, offering rental vehicles for individuals and businesses. Operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, Treepz has achieved impressive milestones, including over 3 million bookings, $5 million in income to vehicle partners, and 3 million kg of CO2 emissions saved across all markets.

Treepz Care encompasses various insurance services tailored for both guests and hosts, including guest and host coverage. The Guest Protection Cover takes care of accidents, including death, bodily injuries, and disabilities and its benefits include death benefits, permanent disability coverage, and medical expenses. The Host Protection Cover insures driver accident insurance with coverage for accidents, including death, bodily injuries, and disabilities and its benefits comprise death benefits, permanent disability coverage, and medical expenses.

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There is also a Comprehensive Insurance Cover for own vehicle damage, third-party liability, and theft and its benefits include repair or replacement in case of an accident and replacement or payment in case of theft. The 3rd Party Insurance for Vehicle Owners covers third-party accidents, including death, bodily injuries, and disabilities with benefits such as funeral expenses, medical expenses, and compensation for the loss of personal belongings.

Treepz has seamlessly integrated guest protection coverage into the booking process, requiring no additional steps for guests to enjoy its benefits. Hosts can easily opt-in for various policy covers, including host protection, third-party vehicle insurance, and comprehensive vehicle insurance during their onboarding process, through their host account in the app, or by contacting [email protected] for personalized onboarding.

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Travel and tourism are pivotal industries in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. Car rental services are essential for empowering tourists and travellers to explore these diverse regions with confidence. Kenya, renowned for its wildlife and national parks, attracted over 2 million international tourists in 2022 while Ghana’s tourism sector contributed approximately 6.8% to its GDP in 2021. Uganda, with its rich natural attractions, continues to witness a significant rise in tourism arrivals. According to the firm, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has a burgeoning tourism sector with immense potential for car rental services.

The deal between Treepz and Octamile represents a significant milestone in the travel and mobility industry, aligning with the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. Treepz Care, aptly named to reflect its customer-centric approach, is a testament to Treepz’s unwavering commitment to safety and innovation.

“Collaborating with Treepz, Africa’s largest ride-sharing marketplace, is a source of pride for us. Together, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive protection for Treepz Hosts and Guests in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to ensuring safety and peace of mind for Treepz users and furthers its mission to protect the customers of Africa’s largest digital companies,” said Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile.

Octamile calls Gokada, Terminal Africa, Traccsystems, Messenger, DriveMe, Traction, Spreentar, and Kredibank as some of its clients. Firms use its API or Widget to simplify the launch of multiple or single insurance products across web and app platforms. From lifestyle to goods-in-transit, health to auto and credit insurance, Octamile’s digital infrastructure unlocks limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike. Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business.

Insurance is a crucial factor in the car rental industry, influencing travellers’ decisions significantly. According to a study by the Insurance Information Institute, 62% of respondents consider insurance coverage when choosing a car rental service. Treepz and Octamile have been diligently working on this project for several months, with the Octamile team playing a pivotal role in making Treepz Care a reality.

Treepz calls Google, SOSV, Techstars, BKR Capital, and Shock Ventures as some of its investors and Tek Experts, Wakanow, Multichoice, Jiji, and Diamond Trust Bank among their clients.

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