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How to Use MPesa to Purchase Gifts on TikTok

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Tiktok is a sharing app for short videos with tons of user-generated micro-videos and great features.Tiktok videos include content with people and user-made videos. They start at 15 seconds and can be combined to create a 60-second video. In 2018, a Chinese corporation purchased TikTok, which was formerly a popular karaoke app. With 800 million users globally, Tiktok has developed into a great app.

Users of Tiktok watch videos based on their location and areas of interest, which encourages the sharing of entertainment. Tiktok allows users to watch videos created by other users and provides daily updates on current trends.Users can also make and post their own videos. TikTok users and other social networking site engagement is crucial and something one earns. Users of TikTok watch videos depending on their most recent interactions with their phones. Additionally, TikTok displays localized material that allows users to monitor local trends.

The primary contact between users on tiktok fosters innovation and interaction while also elevating users’ profile. The best part about TikTok is that users can earn real money with these coins, which encourages them to buy gifts for their favorite creators as a way of saying “thank you.” By purchasing tiktok coins, users of Tiktok can receive tiktok presents. Additionally, tiktok coins are offered in bundle deals, with the discount increasing based on the amount you purchase. 

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Coins that are purchased by tiktok users are added to their tiktok accounts. There is no way to convert the coins into cash. The coins that a tiktok user purchases can only be converted into virtual presents. Favorite video creators receive the prizes. 

With Tiktok, people may give varying sums of presents to their favorite content creators. Users can also save money in their tiktok wallets, which are accessible through the application, and view their remaining balance. Users of Tiktok who wish to purchase Tiktok coins must adhere to the instructions found in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.  

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Content created by Tiktok favorite creators during live broadcasts is referred to as Tiktok gifts. Additionally, the gifts are bought, and one has a fair option to select how much money they wish to spend. For its users, tiktok transforms the presents into diamonds. A person can receive actual money when they achieve a specific threshold and have 10,000 gems.

Users of Tiktok connect other accounts, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, which helps them gain more potential followers. Additionally, there are websites like Jumia that pay you when viewers use your creator link to make purchases.

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When customers accumulate a sizable amount of coins that meet the minimum withdrawal requirement of $100, they can utilize their Tiktok gift coins to withdraw them as cash. In order to make purchases, consumers must also validate their PayPal account by linking it to their MPesa phone number. Users can only link their PayPal accounts to their tiktok accounts in order to purchase or withdraw Tiktok coins directly into their bank accounts.

Users of Tiktok can purchase gift packages through Mpesa by following specific steps;

  • They’ll launch the Google app.
  • Make your choice of Google account. 
  • Go to payment and subscription, then click to open
  • Decide on manageable payment options.
  • Choose Remove all PayPal and Mpesa Xpress payment options.
  • Choose “Add Payments.” 
  • Go to the live videos section of the TikTok app. 
  • Choose the “recharge” option.
  • Choose from a variety of packages or a gift box.
  • PayPal or MEPSA Xpress billing must be added.
  • mpesa users can now purchase a gift pack.
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