TikTok Joins Forces with Kenya to Enhance Content Moderation, platform’s office to be launched in the country

As part of its expanded eCommerce push, TikTok has opened its first in-app stores in the US

Short-form video hosting giant, TikTok has taken a significant step towards ensuring the responsible use of its platform by partnering with the Kenyan government to review and monitor its content. 

This collaborative effort comes as a response to growing concerns about the impact of digital content on society and aims to establish a more controlled and responsible online environment.

President William Ruto announced the partnership emphasizing that “This alliance is geared towards upholding a set of agreed-upon content guidelines on the TikTok platform.”

This move signifies the commitment of both TikTok and the Kenyan government to protect users from harmful and inappropriate content while fostering a positive online community.

A pivotal moment in this collaboration was a virtual meeting held today morning between President Ruto and TikTok’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shou Zi Chew. 

TikTok also agreed to establish an office in Kenya and implement content moderation measures on its platform to address concerns about the dissemination of harmful content.

President Ruto’s administration had previously advocated for banning TikTok in Kenya, but he expressed contentment with the company’s assurance of content moderation.

As per the arrangement, TikTok will assemble a team of content moderators based in Kenya. This team will be tasked with reviewing and deleting any content that breaches the company’s community guidelines. 

Additionally, TikTok has committed to increasing employment opportunities for Kenyan individuals using the platform.

This agreement represents a significant triumph for TikTok, which has been encountering escalating regulatory pressure across the globe. 

The company has been under scrutiny for permitting the proliferation of damaging content, encompassing hate speech and materials related to child sexual abuse.

The accord with Kenya underscores TikTok’s genuine commitment to addressing these concerns and responsibly conducting its operations within the country. 

The company also anticipates that this pact will help bolster its reputation in Kenya and stave off the possibility of a ban.

From Kenya’s perspective, this agreement is a favourable development as the nation endeavours to attract more foreign investment in the realm of technology. 

With a substantial and youthful population actively engaged in social media, TikTok holds popularity among young Kenyans.

This agreement marks a constructive stride in the battle against harmful online content.