My Airtel App puts emphasis on convenience and control to enhance customer experience


Airtel is putting convenience and control at the helm of their My Airtel App self-care platform. It is the one-stop-shop for all Airtel products and services.

Here are some of the features baked into the app:

Add Account Feature: This feature allows one to access and manage various Airtel lines from one device. It makes it possible to top up and check the bundle balance of their family and friends lines. On top of that, it allows you to manage your Pocket Wi-Fi & Router lines.

Buy Airtime: as the name suggests, this feature lets one top up airtime to their accounts and those of others through the App. The same feature also lets the customer recharge their Airtel MiFi as well.

Pay Bills & Buy Goods (#TillNiTill): the app lets you make payments, purchase goods via tills across different networks.

Sending Money: enables you to transfer funds securely either locally or internationally.

Withdraw Cash from Airtel Money Agent: the app allows you to access your money when you visit your nearest Airtel Money agent.

Apart from the usual phone and money transfer services, My Airtel App goes further to cover your entertainment through the Airtel TV feature. It brings a wide range of digital content, spanning from sports to family and kids’ shows. Customers can also catch the latest episodes of The Voice Africa show on this TV section.

As you can see, the My Airtel App goes above and beyond to enhance the customer experience and set a high standard for the telecom industry.