Communications Authority Advertises Director General Position following Chiloba’s resignation


The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is on the hunt for a new Director General (DG), in the wake of Ezra Chiloba’s resignation.

Mr Chiloba, who had been suspended by the CA board amidst allegations of fraud, officially left his post, leaving the position vacant.

The Communications Authority of Kenya serves as the authoritative regulatory body for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Kenya.

This includes overseeing telecommunications, cybersecurity, broadcasting, multimedia, postal and courier services, and more. With its far-reaching responsibilities, the CA plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s digital landscape.

The Director General’s role at the CA is central to Kenya’s ICT sector. The chosen candidate will carry a heavy burden of responsibilities, with the potential to influence the trajectory of Kenya’s digital future.

The CA is responsible for managing substantial financial resources, as it receives approximately Sh3 billion annually in fees from institutions operating in the communications space.

Additionally, the Authority plays a crucial role in overseeing the Universal Service Fund, which is vital for bridging the digital divide within Kenya.

Beyond its financial oversight, the CA is actively spearheading several significant ICT projects.

The CA is also at the forefront of the rollout of the Nation Addressing System and is set to initiate a pilot phase for Digital Audio Broadcasting in Kenya.

The upcoming Director General will inherit a full agenda of pressing matters upon their appointment.

While Chris Wambua currently holds the position of Director General in an acting capacity, the CA is determined to find a permanent solution for this vital role.