Adding Contacts to the Android Home Screen


As you are undoubtedly aware, having frequently used apps accessible from the home screen is handy. However, have you ever wished to quickly access contacts by adding them to the Android home screen?

On Google Pixel smartphones, the Google Contacts software comes preinstalled. However, you can download Google Contacts from the Play Store if you don’t already have the app or wish to use it on a different phone.

Open the Google Contacts mobile application.

From the list, pick the contact you wish to add. If you have multiple, you can locate the one you require using the search bar at the top.

In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three dots button.

From the menu that displays, pick Add to home screen.

You can drag and drop the contact icon to reposition it on the home screen, or you can select Add automatically.

A notification informing you that it has been added will appear at the bottom of the screen if you choose the automated option.

Keep in mind that for simpler management, you could choose to group contacts into the same folder.

When you tap on a contact’s shortcut, their contact page with their phone number, email address, and other information will appear immediately.

Samsung Galaxy Home Screen Contacts Add-In

You can make a widget that adds contacts to the home screen if you utilize Samsung’s built-in Contacts app on your Galaxy phone.

To access the Widgets button at the bottom, tap and hold an empty section of the home screen.

Navigate down the list and click on the Contacts option.

Select a Contact widget to view the contact’s data, a Direct Dial widget to initiate a phone call right away, or a Direct Message widget to open an SMS to the recipient. In this case, select Contact to obtain a shortcut that opens the contact’s details page when you hit Add.

Select the individual or company from your Contacts list that you wish to include in the widget.

Your contact’s shortcut will appear on the home screen. It is movable, much like other home screen elements, so you can put it where is most practical and accessible. Alternatively, include it in a folder to manage several contacts.

Remember that you can always use the Google Contacts app if you want to save the trouble of making a widget on your Samsung device. Similar to a Pixel, it enables you to add contact shortcuts to the Galaxy’s home screen.

Simple Way to Access Contacts from the Android Start Screen

Little things may often make a big difference in how easy life is on a daily basis. One feature of Android is the option to add contacts to the home screen.

For people you communicate with frequently throughout the day, it’s a useful feature. You can stop launching the contacts app and paging through it to find the people you need using this technique.

You can install the Google Contacts app on any Android phone, including Samsung and Pixel models. If you can’t get your manufacturer’s exclusive contacts app to appear on your home screen, Google’s app is helpful.