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Unlocking Convenience This Back-To-School Season With Equity Banks Seamless Payments

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In the realm of modern banking, convenience and innovation are the core pillars that shape the
customer experience. This season, Equity Bank stands at the forefront in offering a suite of
innovative payments designed to simplify transactions conveniently. Equity’s payment platforms
will simplify paying fees and transform your shopping experiences while letting you embrace a
hassle-free financial journey.

Why choose Equity?

Equity stands by your side as a gateway to convenience, offering secure, efficient, and friendly
platforms ensuring that you can focus on what truly matters during the back-to-school season.
With Boostika, you don’t have to cancel transactions because of insufficient funds in your
account while using the *247#, Equity Mobile App or Equitel. Boostika allows you to complete
your transaction without exiting the payment process.

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This is how it works:

You’ll receive a Boostika prompt. This prompt displays your limit and the amount needed to
complete the transaction.

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To proceed, accept the Boostika prompt and the linked terms and conditions.

An SMS notification is sent to confirm success and completion of the transaction.
This solution allows you to top up any amount between Kes 100 and Kes 100,000 based on
your limit when you have insufficient funds. What’s more, the repayment terms are unbelievably
flexible. Equity Bank allows you to repay within 30 days of initiating it. During the 30 days, you
can accumulate money in your account without automatic deductions since the amount
borrowed is only repaid at the end of this 30-day allowable period.

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Pay with Equity: Transforming Retail Experiences

Paybill solution for schools: This is a solution that enables you to pay from any payment
channel, whether it is Mpesa, Airtel Money, PesaLink, Equitel or Equity Mobile App. Using the
Paybill number 247247.

Equity Till Number: You can send school fees directly to the school’s account and pay for
shopping anywhere you see the Equity Till Number sign for FREE e.g. at supermarkets, uniform
sellers, bookshops, etc. All you need is to input the merchant’s Equity Till Number. Pay With
Equity is available when you dial *247# on your line, your Equity Mobile App and Equitel line.
Remember that paying to an Equity Customer or Equity channel from your Equity App, Equitel,
Equity online is FREE. There is no charge.

Accessible Instant Loans

For those times when you need a financial boost, Equity Bank’s instant loans are readily
available on your mobile phone. You can get a cash boost to cater for all your back-to-school
needs such as fees payment or back to school shopping or related costs.
You can access a loan of up to Kshs. 3million instantly on your phone. You don’t have to fill in
any forms or have any guarantors. What’s more, you can monitor your loan balance and make
repayments by simply dialing *247# on your current mobile line, via Equitel line or Equity Mobile
If not a “Member” dial *247# and open an account Hapo Hapo.

Equity Cards: Tailored for Every Lifestyle

Equity’s range of debit and credit cards, including American Express Card, Mastercard, and
VISA, simplifies the process of purchasing school supplies. The newly enhanced prepaid card
for students also allows for secure management of pocket money. You can pay for your back-to-
school shopping at supermarkets or fuel stations using Equity Debit or Credit cards. Simply use
your Equity Mastercard, Visa or American Express Card to pay for goods and services at shops,
supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, hospitals, salons, barbershops and any other
outlets displaying the Equity, Mastercard, VISA or American Express (AMEX) sign. Paying with
your Equity card is absolutely FREE!

Equity Digital Channels: Banking at Your Fingertips

Utilize Equity Bank’s convenient platforms such as Equity Mobile App, Equity Online, *247#,
Equitel or Equity Agents to settle school fees directly with educational institutions. With *247#,
Equitel, Equity Mobile App and EVA Chatbot, you can pay for goods and services at
supermarkets or uniform shops, check your account balance or pay school fees by sending
money straight from your phone to the school’s bank account. It’s secure, simple and
convenient. Dial *247# and activate your access to your Equity account. Pick your Equitel 5G
SIM today at any Equity Branch or select Equity Agents or download your Equity Mobile App
today on Google Play Store or the App Store to experience back to school convenience.

You can also take advantage of Equity Online platform that allows customers to do banking
using their laptops or desktops. Equity Online is a secure banking platform that enables you to
pay for school fees directly from your account to the school’s account. All you need to have is
the school account number to make the payment and the fees paid is received by the school

Whether you’re paying school fees, doing shopping, or handling unexpected expenses, Equity’s
payment solutions provide secure, convenient, and efficient ways to manage your finances with
ease, ensuring you’re always ready for what the school year brings.

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