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 Softbank-backed health tech Proximie launches  its first Software Development Kit

 Proximie , a global health technology platform focused on digitizing operating and diagnostic rooms has launched its first Software Development Kit (“SDK”) – a blueprint for the first operating system within an OR.

With Proximie’s SDK, valuable surgical data can be captured into how devices perform while being used in real-world surgeries. This will speed up the innovation and global development of medical technology systems in the OR – thus improving patient safety and making surgery even more productive.

Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie, said:“This is a milestone in enabling the digitization of operating rooms worldwide. With our new SDK, Proximie has launched a blueprint for the accelerated innovation, globally, of medical technology systems. This helps developers create, test, launch and monitor platforms quicker and more comprehensively than ever before – and surgeons to deliver care more effectively than ever before.

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“Demand for advanced medical devices and robotics will only continue to grow, given the potential for these systems to improve surgical productivity and patient safety.”

All data captured by the SDK is hosted on Proximie’s cloud-based, secure content library, providing developers with an easy-to-use depository of information. The SDK enhances Proximie’s suite of services including its hardware-only and hybrid (hardware and software) approaches enabled via usage of Proximie’s PxKit – wireless cameras affording multiple views of surgical procedures.

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The SDK is being launched at Slush by Proximie’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram and Richard Carter, VP of Engineering at Proximie. Dr. Hachach-Haram will demonstrate the SDK’s capabilities via a unique, ‘PxMoggy’ robot, developed by Proximie solely for the event.

Proximie has established partnerships with various medical device and robotics developers. In 2022, the Company’s collaboration with Teladoc led to a fully-integrated robot enabling authorised remote participants to reposition cameras and screens – eliciting improved views of surgery without troubling present clinical staff.

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The same technology is used to make the PxMoggy robot cat walk, thus supporting live video feeds / device control on the most constrained electronic platforms such as biometric sensors, and even within single use electronics such as endoscope tubes.

Since its launch, the company has been deployed in 800 hospitals across 50 countries, contracts with over 40 major medical device companies (NYSE-listed Teladoc, Tenet, etc.), and access to 90% of operating rooms / diagnostic suites in the UK, US, and EU; In June 2022 the company raised  $80 million Series C fund raise – backed by Advent Life Sciences and SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

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