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WhatsApp to let iOS users share pictures and videos without compression

WhatsApp’s latest iOS update includes a new feature that allows users to transfer image and video files in their original, uncompressed state.

According to reports, the feature allows users to send media files without using any additional compression that the app would normally employ to store data. This feature differs from the HD quality option, which was implemented earlier this year and only applies minimal compression on files in order to keep more of the original quality.

To utilize the option, users need to start by tapping the “+” in chat, selecting “Document” and then “Choose Photo or Video.” Once sent, recipients can tap into the file on WhatsApp to view photos and videos, but previews don’t seem to appear in the main chat interface. There’s a 2GB limit on the files that can be sent using the feature.

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The changelog states that this will be available “in the coming weeks,” so it may take some time for it to arrive on your iOS device. WhatsApp has been testing the same feature for Android users since at least September of this year, implying that a stable release for Android handsets is not far away.

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