Kuza Freezer launches EcoHeat, Offering Sustainable “Smokie” Trolleys for Street Food Vendors


”Smokie” vendors in Kenya are swapping charcoal for sunshine thanks to a revolutionary new initiative from Kuza Freezer: the EcoHeat. This solar-powered cooking system tackles both climate change and public health concerns, offering a win-win for vendors and the environment.

“Burning charcoal is a double whammy,” says Dennis Onkangi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Kuza Freezer. “It pollutes the air with greenhouse gasses, harming the planet, and exposes vendors and customers to harmful fumes, jeopardizing their health.”

The EcoHeat changes the game by harnessing clean solar energy to heat food. This not only eliminates carbon emissions and air pollution from charcoal burning but also protects the health of vendors and their customers.

The benefits go beyond environmental and health gains. The EcoHeat also empowers vendors economically. Compared to charcoal, solar cooking is cheaper in the long run, saving vendors money on fuel costs. Additionally, the EcoHeat’s energy efficiency allows vendors to cook more food, leading to increased sales and potential business expansion.

“EcoHeat is a game-changer for us. It’s not just better for the environment, it’s better for business. Vendors will save money on fuel and experience cleaner cooking.”

The EcoHeat’s impact is not limited to individual vendors. By promoting sustainable practices in the street food industry, it contributes to a greener Kenya and a healthier future for all.

“EcoHeat is just the beginning,” says Mr Onkangi. “We envision a future where all street food vendors across Africa are cooking with clean energy, creating a thriving and sustainable street food economy.”

As the EcoHeat rolls out across Kenya, it offers a beacon of hope for a cleaner energy in the street food space for vendors and the customers they serve. This “Green Heat on Wheels” is more than just a cooking solution; it’s a revolution in the making.

The push trolleys cost Sh30,000 while the Tri-cycles sell at Sh45,000. The CEO noted that partnership with Nyali Capital willl enhance asset financing.

“Nyali Capital has collaborated with Kuza Freezer to provide asset financing for our EcoHeat and Cold Storage customers.”