Uber Electric Boda Now Available in Nairobi CBD


Exciting news for Nairobi residents! You can now hop on a Uber Electric Boda, a fleet of eco-friendly electric motorcycles, for rides to and from the CBD, including package delivery.

Launched in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2023, Uber Electric Boda service was initially limited to the city’s outskirts. Now available in the CBD, the firm noted they are to provide a convenient and sustainable transportation option.

Customers can enjoy 15-20% lower fares compared to regular Uber Boda. The firm noted that it aims to be zero-emission by 2040, and Electric Boda contributes to this goal.

Also, these motorcycles are poised to deliver packaged conveniently. “Safely send and receive packages using Electric Boda.”

The firm entered into a partnership with Greenwheels Africa, the company that manages the fleet, charging stations, and rider support.

Uber plans to have 3,000 electric bikes planned, representing a fifth of Uber’s total Nairobi fleet. These motorcycles have swappable batteries with quick charging power that ensures minimal downtime for riders. The firm noted that plans are underway to have more charging stations for increased accessibility across the city.

For the drivers, Uber noted that they will reap numerous benefits, for instance a guaranteed monthly salary, mobile airtime, and data bundles.

Ready to try it? Open the Uber app and choose the Electric Boda option when booking your ride.

When Uber announced the start of Electric motorcycles in Kenya, dubbed as “One Electric,” the firm said it was a move to align with the global shift towards electric vehicles, a trend that has gained momentum in countries like the United Kingdom, where plans are underway to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles.

The director and regional general manager of Uber Middle East and Africa, Frans Hiemstra stated, “Now is the time to take solid steps that enhance sustainable practices, and as a business, we are committed to being part of the collective efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. Through the launch of Electric Boda on our platform, we are proud to provide an option for emissions-free mobility in Kenya. This launch also supports our global efforts to become a zero-emissions platform by 2040.”

Greenwheels Africa operates a few charging stations in Kenya, but they plan to expand to ten by the end of the year. Riders exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones at Greenwheels Africa’s stations at a fee.

Imran Manji, Uber’s head of East Africa, explained that Uber electric Boda cyclists will be charged for the batteries based on their usage. Manji added, “If a rider wants to swap a battery that is at 40%, they will only pay for 60% of the charge at the station.” Although riders won’t own the electric bikes, there are plans to sell them to other Kenyan individuals. Greenwheels will lease the bikes for Uber services through a collaborative partnership involving the e-mobility company, Uber, and the riders.