Nigerian Fintech startup Kippa transitioning to EdTech with AI solutions


Kippa, a fintech startup backed by Target Global, is currently in the process of transitioning from financial technology  to educational technology (EdTech).The company is piloting an EdTech service, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), which is expected to help individuals create and deliver online courses.

The move comes after the shutdown of Kippa Pay, the agency banking product and the departure of its co-founder and President, Duke Ekeziel. The closure of Kippa Pay, prompted the company to shift from its earlier FinTech venture as the agency banking product was transferred to Nigerian FinTech company Bloc. As a result, some former Kippa employees transitioned to Bloc. The restructuring also involved the layoff of the whole engineering team, as fewer than ten individuals were left to work on the new EdTech product.

According to the company, This transition is aimed to diversify its offerings and explore new opportunities within the education sector.

The company has set up a website aimed to facilitate the development of online courses that can be delivered in easily digestible, bite-sized formats.

The website comes with a special feature that allows distribution of these courses using popular messaging tools such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

With the integration of AI technology into the website, Kippa intends to enhance the learning experience and course delivery methods.

The company is yet to offer an official statement regarding its EdTech platform ,although this may be a strategy to unveiling details at a later stage or a desire to keep certain aspects confidential.

Kippa’s entry into EdTech demonstrates a proactive response to market dynamics however the success of this platform will depend on its ability to address emerging needs in the education space and deliver significant value to users.