How to Stop Ads on Your Phone

How to Stop Ads on Your Phone

Mobile ads can bombard us everywhere—in apps, browsers, and across our operating systems.

They drain batteries, eat data, track our activity, and even spread malware. Here are five surefire tactics to gain control over mobile ads.

  1. Install an ad-blocking Blocking App

Dedicated ad-blocking apps leverage filters to automatically block ads across devices. Popular choices like AdBlock Plus, Blokada, and Firefox Focus are configurable to suit your preferences.

AdBlock Plus lets you fine-tune blocker parameters and uses group-curated filter subscriptions. Blokada promises to save up to 50% of your mobile data by restricting ad traffic. Firefox Focus is ideal for privacy-centric users with tracking protection built-in.

Set it and forget it—enable your preferred ad-blocking app to filter those frustrating mobile ads.

  1. Limit Ad Tracking on Your Device

Both iOS and Android contain dedicated ad-tracking settings to optimize and personalize the ads you see. Flip the switch and opt out! Restricting tracking reduces behaviorally targeted advertisements.

On Android devices, navigate to Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of interest-based ads.

For iPhones, enable Limit Ad Tracking under Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

Reducing personalized ad targeting restores some privacy while cutting back advertising volume.

  1. Install Browser Extensions

Anti-ad browser extensions like uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger offer similar ad-blocking functionality directly in Chrome and Firefox mobile. As you surf the web, unwanted and privacy-infringing ads and trackers are automatically filtered.

With customisable filtering abilities, browser extensions block advertisements site-wide. Enable them as you would on a desktop for an unencumbered mobile browsing experience.

  1. Perform a Factory Data Reset

If you believe sneaky adware has penetrated your device, the nuclear option is available. Back up your data and perform a full factory reset, wiping your device and removing any lingering adware in the process.

Android users can choose to reset app preferences or erase all data (factory reset). iPhones have an equivalent Reset all Settings option under General > Reset.

Resetting your phone gives you a fresh start, allowing you to eliminate embedded adware and noisy ads in one fell swoop!

  1. Combine Approaches for Comprehensive Ad Blocking

Isolating annoying mobile ads often requires using multiple techniques simultaneously. Fortunately, layering approaches like ad blockers, browser extensions, and limiting tracking yield comprehensive results.

Try mixing:

  • System-wide ad blockers
  • Browser extension functionality
  • Disabled ad tracking settings

With defence-in-depth against mobile ads, you can finally silence promotional interruptions and minimize misuse of personal data. Regain a peaceful, private, and pleasant mobile experience by blocking pesky phone ads! Restricting ads and associated tracking also increases productivity, saves bandwidth, and boosts battery efficiency.