Sam Altman seeks massive investment to boost AI chip production


Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer OpenAI, led by CEO Sam Altman, is eyeing a revolutionary step, raising trillions of dollars to overhaul the global semiconductor industry.

This ambitious plan aims to address the crucial shortage of AI chips. Motivated by a perceived lack of planned AI infrastructure, Mr Altman seeks $5-7 trillion to build dozens of massive chip foundries.

“This expansion would boost global chip-building capacity, potentially benefiting not just OpenAI but the entire AI ecosystem. The project has already attracted interest from investors like the UAE government,” reports state.

However, Altman’s involvement in the chip space isn’t without controversy. Previous chip ventures like “Tigris” and investments in Rain Neuromorphics faced criticism. Notably, Nvidia, a dominant player with 80% market share, raises concerns about potential monopolies and competition.

Despite past controversies, Mr Altman points to the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT as proof of the need for more accessible AI infrastructure.

Launched with limited resources, ChatGPT became a leading tool for developers and businesses, highlighting the power of text-based AI interactions.

OpenAI’s recent leadership shakeup, with Mr Altman’s temporary removal and subsequent return, adds another layer of intrigue. However, the company’s newly formed board, boasting prominent figures like Bret Taylor and Larry Summers, signals a commitment to transparency and accountability.