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How to Download a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Step-by-Step

The Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) download process is an essential one that all Kenyan taxpayers should be aware of. This is because the Tax Compliance Certificate download facilitates the quick and easy acquisition of a copy of the compliance certificate on the iTax (KRA Portal) in the event that you are asked to provide a copy of your TCC, particularly when applying for jobs in Kenya where it is mandatory. By using the download feature on the iTax (KRA Portal), you can obtain a copy of the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) as long as you have already received it from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

The KRA PIN Number and KRA Password (iTax Password), which are necessary for logging into iTax (KRA Portal) and downloading a copy of the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), must be with you in order to download the Tax Compliance Certificate online using iTax (KRA Portal). Furthermore, downloading TCC is only permitted if it has already received KRA approval and issuance. I’ll outline the essential procedures in this blog post for you to follow in order to quickly and simply download your Tax Compliance Certificate via iTax (KRA Portal).

The Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Download Process
The initial step in downloading a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is typically to access iTax (KRA Portal) at

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To access your iTax (KRA Portal) account, you must next input your KRA PIN Number, KRA Password (iTax Password), answer the arithmetic question (security stamp), and click the “Login” button.

After logging onto your iTax (KRA Portal) account, select the “Certificates” option located in the upper right section. Next, select “Reprint (Download) Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)” from the list of options to initiate the process of downloading the TCC.

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In order to Reprint (Download) the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) on iTax (KRA Portal), you must click the “Consult” button in this step. There will be a pop-up window asking, “Are you sure you want to consult?” To begin downloading the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), click the “OK” button.

The created Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) must be downloaded as the final step in the iTax (KRA Portal) online process to obtain the Tax Compliance (TCC) Certificate. Click the Certificate Serial Number section, KRABGM*3, on the iTax (KRA Portal) to get the KRA Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC). A copy of the TCC will then be downloaded and saved on your device automatically.

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