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How to Change Your Password for Your eCitizen Account

The eCitizen Password, as previously stated, is crucial to the safety of a person’s eCitizen account in Kenya. People frequently misplace or even forget the password they used to access their eCitizen accounts. The good news is that changing your eCitizen Password online is incredibly easy to do and only requires a few simple steps.

Requirements for Changing the Password for an eCitizen Account:

Mobile Number Associated With the Account
The cellphone number that was used to establish or register the eCitizen account must be possessed by the person wishing to change their password. This is significant because the phone number associated with the eCitizen account will allow you to get the eCitizen OTP (One Time Password), which may be used to update your eCitizen Password.

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Email Address Linked to eCitizen Account: Having an email address linked to your eCitizen account is a necessity for online password changes. This is crucial since your email address will also be used to get the eCitizen Password Reset token. Since the reset email could take some time, it is best to use your mobile number instead of your email address to obtain the OTP verification code.

Change Your Password for Your eCitizen Account
Using to access the eCitizen website is the first step in updating your eCitizen password online.

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To start the process of updating your eCitizen Password online, navigate to the top right menu on eCitizen and select “Sign in.”

Select the “Forgot Password” link beneath the password entry field on the right side of the eCitizen login screen.

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You can change your forgotten eCitizen password online by visiting the Forgot eCitizen Password page. Here, you can choose your account type (citizen, resident, diplomat, or foreigner; we chose resident, being a Kenyan), email address, or ID number (we chose ID number because it is faster). Click “Next” after making your selection.

The OTP Verification code from eCitizen, which was sent to the phone number associated with your eCitizen account, must be entered in this stage. Click “Next” once the eCitizen OTP Verification Code has been input. A pop-up notification stating that a six-digit OTP has been delivered to your email address and mobile number will appear. Verify the SMS number using the OTP code obtained from eCitizen. To find the same code, check your email address as well, so pick the one that suits you the most.

Creating a new eCitizen Password for your online eCitizen account is the final step. It is strongly advised that your new eCitizen account be protected from threats and misuse.

Passwords should adhere to the following rules:

consists of at least 8 characters
At least one capital letter and one lowercase letter are included.
has a minimum of one digit
At least one special character is included, such as!@1#$%^&*()_+{}[]:;?/|\

Click “Next” once your new eCitizen Password has been set up. You can now proceed to connect to your eCitizen account using both your ID number and the newly selected and established eCitizen Password after receiving a signal indicating that your eCitizen Password has been successfully changed.

Yvone Kendi
Yvone Kendi
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