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How to Sign Up for Kenya’s SHIF


Kenya’s brand-new healthcare financing program, known as SHIF (Social Health Insurance Fund), is scheduled to go effective on March 1st, 2024. It intends to take the place of the current NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) and offer all Kenyans, regardless of work status, universal health coverage.

On March 1st, 2024, registration for new members will formally open. When the launch date approaches, more information on the registration procedure and channels will be released. Official sources such as the websites and social media accounts of the Ministry of Health, NHIF, and the Social Health Authority (SHA) are reliable sources of information. Every kid born in the nation would be registered as a member of the fund at birth under the new law.

Rates for Social Health Insurance Funds
The SHIF contribution will need a 2.75% commitment on gross wage, in contrast to the NHIF, where contributions varied based on income categories. Higher earnings will therefore make larger contributions under SHIF. A breakdown of the tariffing for this can be found below.

Gross Pay Old Deduction (NHIF) New Deduction (SHIF)
Sh20,000 Sh750 Sh550
Sh50,000 Sh1,200 Sh1,375
Sh100,000 Sh1,700 Sh2,750
Sh200,000 Sh1,700 Sh5,500
Sh500,000 Sh1,700 Sh13,750
Sh1,000,000 Sh1,700 Sh27,500

In addition to emergency services, mental health care, and chronic illness management, SHIF hopes to provide broader coverage. NHIF was constrained in these respects. Regarding eligibility, NHIF was primarily optional, but SHIF is required for all Kenyan citizens and residents. Government allotments, corporate and employee contributions, and donor support will all be used to finance the SHIF. NHIF was entirely dependent on donations.

Every household in Kenya will be required to make a contribution to the fund. According to member contributions, the bill would provide health insurance to all Kenyans, with government-subsidized coverage for those who are impoverished.

Change from NHIF
By October 2024, the NHIF will be phased out and its finances will be moved to SHIF. NHIF will give way to SHIF as the main source of health insurance. The current NHIF members will be transferred to SHIF automatically, with their contributions applied to their new insurance.

Every resident of Kenya, whether foreign or domestic, is required to register and take part in SHIF for a minimum of 12 months. Continuous registration will be place at different intervals as directed by the Cabinet Secretary. Access to national and local government public services will need proof of SHIF membership.