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How to Make ChatGPT Your Android Device’s Default Voice Assistant


On Android handsets, Google Assistant is the built-in digital assistant. However, you can use a third-party software to assign that task to ChatGPT if you ever wish to. We’ll walk you through setting ChatGPT as your Android phone’s default assistant app so you can access it with a single button push from any screen.

How to Make ChatGPT Your Go-To Voice Helper
You must download VoiceGPT, a third-party app, in order to designate ChatGPT as your Android device’s default assistant app. The official ChatGPT app will soon have this feature, according to Open AI. However, you may access the functionality now by using this straightforward VoiceGPT plugin until the firm formally launches this feature.

First things first, create an account and download the official ChatGPT app from the Google Play Store. Next, launch the VoiceGPT APK from developer WSTxda’s GitHub repository using your phone’s browser. Take note that the APK file, which is simply named “app-release.apk,” is listed under “Releases.”

After downloading, click “Open” and then “Install” to install the APK. Installing the program from your browser’s Downloads section or by tapping the download notification are other options. Verify that your browser is permitted to install unidentified programs.

Our applications are installed. It’s time to make ChatGPT the digital assistant of choice. Open the Settings app on your Android phone, then select Applications > Default Apps to accomplish this. Select “Digital Assistant App” and then “Default digital assistant app” from there.

A list of apps that you can designate as your assistant will appear. Once “VoiceGPT” is selected, press “OK.”

You’ve now successfully made ChatGPT your default help app. With gesture navigation, you can now call it up by simply holding down the home button or by swiping inward from one of the bottom corners.

Incorporate a Quick Settings Tile
Using the Quick Settings panel is another fast approach to start the ChatGPT assistance. To open the Quick Settings panel, swipe down from the top twice. The edit screen will then appear when you click the pencil symbol.
Next, find the ChatGPT tile by scrolling to the bottom part. Grab the tile and move it to the higher area.

To save the layout, use the back arrow. And that’s it. Now, you can activate the voice assistant by using the ChatGPT Quick Settings tile.

How Does the Experience Feel?
The ChatGPT voice assistant displays on screen as a transparent overlay with swirling animations when you activate it. Although you have to wait a few seconds for the “Connecting” box to appear before it can answer your questions, it is not as quick as Google Assistant.

When the screen says “Listening,” along with a microphone icon and four dots, you can begin speaking. You’ll be shocked at how natural-sounding ChatGPT’s voice chat sounds if you’ve never used it before. Whether or whether you should believe anything it says is a whole other story.

After you finish speaking, the assistant will process your question and prepare an answer, as shown by the thought balloon icon that floats on the screen.

You may have lengthy conversations, switch topics mid-conversation, and go back and forth with the voice assistant, just like you can with ChatGPT, the text chatbot. However, you cannot quit a discussion and then resume where you left off because the assistant is unable to remember details from past exchanges. However, transcripts of your conversations will be visible in the ChatGPT app.

The voice assistant can easily flip between languages while having a conversation because it can recognize the language you’re speaking automatically. It’s also possible to customize the assistant’s audio. Five voices are available on ChatGPT, each with a distinct personality and flair.

What Distinguishes It from Google Gemini AI?
I’ve played around with Google’s new Gemini assistant and ChatGPT’s voice assistant, and I think ChatGPT has better conversational features. Compared to Gemini, talking with ChatGPT feels more casual and enjoyable. You can ask follow-up questions and switch between topics as needed. However, that is about where the benefits of ChatGPT stop.