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The top 17 iPhone 14 Pro Max covers available in 2024

Since its release, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has grown to be a favorite among Apple enthusiasts. Even though it’s never easy to spend additional money, especially after purchasing a new phone, it makes sense to get the phone a protective cover to keep it safe from chips, scratches, and other harm.

Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max, Catalyst Crux
With its shock-absorbing corners, the Catalyst Crux iPhone 14 Pro Max Case provides an abundance of protection. But since each case comes with a strong lanyard, it’s probable that customers won’t even need them.

As long as your phone is attached around your wrist, accessories like lanyards can make it easy to tote around without worrying that you’ll drop it on the ground. Regretfully, there is just one color available for the Catalyst Crux case. Having said that, you’ll feel so safe with the case and lanyard that you might not even care what color it is.

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Casetify Impact Example
Reputable manufacturer Casetify is well-known for producing sturdy cases with what seems like an infinite selection of color combinations. You can pick a case that suits you, no matter who you are or what kind of look you’re striving for.

The finest all-around protection offered by Casetify is found in their Bounce Cases, which are listed later in our list, but they can be very hefty. The Impact Case might help people who want to strike a balance between protection and style. Be aware, though, that purchasing one will require a considerable financial outlay.

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MOUS Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max
The magnetic ring is frequently front and center on the back of phone cases that are fully compatible with MagSafe, which may or may not be an eyesore to you. Fortunately, the Mous iPhone 14 Pro Max cover is still completely MagSafe compatible even without the ring.

Customers may feel secure in the knowledge that their purchase is protected under a lifetime warranty, and it is available in a few solid color variations.

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Case Incipio Duo MagSafe
Though it might have a simple appearance, Incipio’s Duo for MagSafe boasts the newest shock-absorption technology in a two-piece construction. Because the two parts of the case’s design divide the force, it can survive 12-foot drops and other severe impacts.

This makes it an incredibly sturdy choice for anyone whose gadgets are frequently in unstable conditions. It doesn’t offer much in the way of style, so you’ll have to give up the iPhone’s aesthetic in exchange for reliable protection, which may be a deal breaker for some but a need for others.

Spigen MagFit Slim Armor
Spigen’s Slim Armor phone case is the one to get if you’re searching for something that can survive a lot of rough handling. Its two-piece design is built to survive heavy impacts and steep drops, just as the Incipio Duo above.

Its raised borders give the display and cameras an extra layer of protection, but they also make it slightly larger than other skin-tight cases. Its somewhat unsatisfactory design is the sole significant drawback. There’s only one color choice, and not everyone will like the ribbed top portion of it.

Apple Clear Case Official with MagSafe
Apple’s transparent case is the best option if you’re searching for a sturdy shell that works with MagSafe accessories and wireless charging. Because it is entirely transparent, it lacks personality, yet it is ideal for anyone who wants to flaunt the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s svelte design.

Its narrow profile will reduce protection, but the clean design and MagSafe compatibility make up for that small trade-off.

PopSockets Clear Case MagSafe
For those who are concerned about dropping their phone, the PopSockets MagSafe case is a good option because it has a detachable PopSocket and is somewhat comparable to the official Apple MagSafe cover.

The noteworthy feature is that the socket may go anyplace on the case, providing a wide range of MagSafe attachment options. The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s design can really shine if you choose the clear color choice, despite the limited range of color options.

Ghostek Hidden Case
The Ghostek Covert cover has an amazing design that accentuates the appearance of your new iPhone with its colorful edges and transparent back. The case’s shock-absorbing corners should help keep your phone secure, but it can only withstand drops from up to eight feet.

Although drops from tables and other ordinary situations are covered by that, it does imply that your phone is more vulnerable to harm than it would be if it were shielded by any of the other robust cases on this list. However, that’s more than sufficient for normal wear and tear, and this is a fantastic option if you don’t want to add a lot of additional thickness.

Nomad Contemporary Leather Cover
For those who like a conventional leather appearance for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Nomad Modern Leather case is a good choice. Its design may appear a little basic at first, but with time, a patina will grow on it, giving it a lovely old appearance.

In addition to its timeless design, it provides 10 feet of drop protection to shield your new phone from unintentional slips. Although it’s one of the more expensive options, leather lovers will find the rich, responsibly sourced leather to be a fantastic fit.

PU Leather Case WTCASE
Consider this more affordable faux leather option if you enjoy the look of leather but don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a genuine leather case. For those who love to show off their iPhones, the logo cutout is a major bonus.

Its raised edges not only look nice, but they also shield the screen and the rear cameras from harm in the event that they are dropped. Additionally, you have a choice of four colors to fit your style.

Vintage Wallet Case – Snakehive
Some phone cases have attempted to combine some of those items together because phones have become necessary items to grab before leaving the house, along with things like keys and wallets. The Snakehive Vintage Wallet is one example of a case that combines a wallet with a phone cover. It has a three-card capacity and may be used as a stand for watching streaming media and as a screen protector when the phone is not in use.

Because of its wrap-around shape, it will protect reasonably effectively, but keep in mind that this isn’t a robust case; instead, anticipate daily protection.

Rugged Case vs CaseBorne
The CaseBorne V is designed to endure almost anything you throw at it, making it a great choice if you’re an outdoor enthusiast wishing to take your phone along on camping excursions or other outdoor activities.

Designed to be a durable addition to your device, the CaseBorne V will protect it from harm even in the most extreme circumstances. The only drawbacks are its lack of solid color options and its large, hefty design, which goes hand in hand with a more sturdy case.

Dbrand Grip Case
When it comes to selling gadget accessories, Dbrand is renowned for its caustic sense of humor, but the accessories it provides are of excellent quality.

This also applies to the Grip Case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, whose eye-catching style provides the device a genuinely distinctive appearance. Furthermore, the business bills their grip cases as the “world’s grippiest phone case,” guaranteeing that they will fit firmly in your hands. The strong drop protection and tactile button response are highly appreciated by users.

The Lumen Series Otterbox with MagSafe
Otterbox is renowned for producing durable phone cases, and the Lumen Series is no exception. It’s a fantastic choice for owners of the iPhone 14 Pro Max because of its eye-catching color designs, compatibility with all MagSafe accessories, and sturdy side grips that make the phone easy to hold.

Its expensive price compared to other cases on this list is the only item that might deter potential customers, but for many, the robust Otterbox protection makes it well worth the investment.

Bounce Case Casetify
Although the Casetify Bounce Case is pricey, there is undoubtedly a case to be made for what it offers in exchange.

With bumpers on each corner that lessen the force of a drop on the phone’s most susceptible areas, it’s the most robust case the business sells. It also works with all MagSafe accessories and can be personalized by adding your name on the outside for a unique appearance.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag Case
This Supcase option is a phone case made for owners of the iPhone 14 Pro Max who demand every function possible in a case. It has materials made of unbending polycarbonate and shock-absorbing TPU that guard against smudges, cracks, scratches, and collisions. A tempered-glass screen protector is also included with the case, providing an additional degree of defense for the phone’s display.

In addition, it has a revolving belt clip holster and a built-in kickstand that also functions as a ring holder, making it easy to take your phone about and use it hands-free to view videos or conduct video calls. It is also compatible with every MagSafe add-on you own. There are many good things about this one, provided you can get beyond the oversized design.

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