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How to Create Folders on Your iPhone for File and App Organization

Is your home screen cluttered, in your opinion? Seeing how haphazardly your files are arranged on your iPhone, are you beginning to get a hint of OCD? These are just a few of the typical issues that people run into, particularly if they are heavy iPhone users who fill their devices to the brim with data and applications.

To begin organizing your files, follow these instructions to create a folder in the Files app:

From the home screen, launch the Files application.
Select the Browse tab by tapping.
Choose a location after that where you want to create a folder. Select the location where most of your files were saved.
Now, hit the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen to create a folder there.
After choosing New Folder, give the folder any new name you choose.
Click “Done.”

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You now have a folder in which you may store all of your files.

How to Tag Folder for Files
If you have many folders in the Files app, you may further organize them and make them easier to find by labeling your folders. You can see the available color tagging—which includes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gray—in the Files app’s Tags section. The user has the authority to interpret the significance or meaning of these colors.

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Using the Files app, you can designate a color and category for your folder or folders as follows:

In the Files app, locate the folder you have created.
Long-press the folder until the options pane appears then select Tags.
From here, you can select a color tag you wish to associate the folder with. Moreover, you can also select a category for the folder.
Alternatively, you can create a new tag (but not a category) for the folder.
Once you have selected a color tag and category, tap Done.

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The folder will now have the category and tag you specified. The folder is saved under the Work category if you go back to the main Browse window and pick Work. You can access the other folders you create in the same manner by doing this.

Move/Copy Files to a Sub-Folder

Find the place where your files are now saved on the Files app.
To choose, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
In a subfolder, choose every file you want to move or copy.
Press the middle icon (folder) located at the bottom of the band options.
Find the folder that you previously created, to which these files will be relocated.
After choosing the folder, select Move.

Now you have the files moved and your Files app organized!

How Can I Create iPhone App Folders?
Using app folders, you can arrange your app as follows:

Long-press an empty space on your home screen to make the app icons jiggle.
Select an application and drag it over another (ensuring that the apps belong to the same category).
The apps are now arranged into a single folder on your screen. Press down on the folder.
Also, you have the option to rename the folder.
Once you’re done renaming, simply tap Done.Just press on any empty space on your screen to save these modifications.

You may now organize your apps into groups based on categories like as social media, banking, photo & video, etc.

How Can I Rearrange My iPhone or iPad Shortcuts?
When designed properly, shortcuts can assist you in automating basic operations. Additionally, if you are among those who frequently use shortcuts, you may discover that they are jumbled up just like your earlier files. Here’s a quick tutorial on creating folders for your shortcuts on your iPhone:

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Shortcuts app.
Press and hold the My Shortcuts tab.
All of the shortcuts you have made and are presently using can be seen here.
Long-press a shortcut, then hit Move to begin organizing these shortcuts.
Choose a folder from this list to sort the shortcuts in or make a new folder. After completing the folder creation, select Add.
When you return to the My Shortcut menu, your shortcut will be arranged according to the folder you choose or made.

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