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Cloud Cost Optimization | The Soaring Cloud Cost and Inefficiency Landscape

The cloud offers agility and innovation, with promises of performance optimization, security, operational excellence, reliability and most importantly, cost optimization. The experience of most organisations is, however, a near perfect opposite. The reason for the bad experience is largely the large-scale inefficiencies in the Cloud customers’ workloads: poor practices, architecting and engineering.

Cost readily provides the lens to estimate the level of inefficiencies in the usage of the Cloud: Recent surveys (Gantner, 2023, Forbes 2023) indicate that 30% of cloud spend is wasted, a whopping $147 billion of waste. Those are wastes arising from over-provisioned resources to unused or underutilised instances. When bad application-level architecture is factored in, the waste is well over 70% by our estimates and from experience working with Cloud customers of all sizes and industries.

How much is your organization contributing to this waste? These statistics is for an urgent call to organisations to identify and eliminate wastes. The wastes are not only real, they are a huge threat to organisations’ competitive strength and continued survival. This is very apparent as most organisations are actively discussing the urgent need for cloud cost reduction with the CTOs.

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Qucoon, a trusted partner for efficiency in Cloud computing and software engineering, hereby invites you to have a free Cloud assessment workshop that will help uncover your Cloud wastes through a detailed analysis of cost drivers and optimisation opportunities. We will provide recommendations for cost-saving adjustments to your deployment architecture, and application architecture if your software engineers are available. Join our long list of customers who are benefiting from large-scale cost reduction and performance optimization of the Cloud infrastructure.

Register here for this exclusive event.

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