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BasiGo Unveils Kenya’s first specialized assembly line for modern Electric Buses

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Yesterday, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade & Industry, Rebecca Miano inaugurated BasiGo’s Electric Bus production line at the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers plant in Thika.

It marks Kenya’s first specialized assembly line for modern Electric Buses.

In February 2024, BasiGo finalized the assembly of two E9 Kubwa buses, tailored for Kenya’s PSV market and set to transform public transport in the country.

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CS Miano emphasized the Government’s commitment to tackling climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

The transition to electric vehicles offers a sustainable solution to combat environmental degradation and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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“One of the key priorities of the Government is addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The transport sector is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and transitioning to electric vehicles presents a sustainable solution to mitigate environmental degradation and address the negative effects of climate change,” said CS Miano.

During the event, CS Miano launched the first two E9 Kubwa buses assembled at KVM.

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These buses will be put into operation by Citi Hoppa and Super Metro, both in the process of transitioning their fleet to electric buses.

BasiGo expressed gratitude to the Government for its support in advancing the electrification of public transport in Kenya.

“We thank the Government for supporting BasiGo as we scale electrification of public transport here in Kenya. The transition to clean, electric buses represents more than just impact on the environment. It is an opportunity for Kenya to establish itself as a manufacturing hub for modern EV’s as well as the components that make up those vehicles. We are proud to support Kenya in taking the lead by inaugurating this first-of-its-kind E-Bus assembly line in partnership with KVM,” said Jit Bhattacharya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of BasiGo.

The shift to clean, electric buses not only benefits the environment but also positions Kenya as a manufacturing hub for modern EVs and their components.

The inauguration of the new assembly line marks a significant milestone for Kenya’s public transportation sustainability efforts.

CS Miano highlighted the crucial role of investments like BasiGo in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and enhancing citizens’ livelihoods. The government has prioritized creating a favorable business environment, implementing robust policies, and providing incentives to attract and retain investors.

BasiGo plans to locally assemble 1,000 E-Buses for Kenyan bus operators over the next three years, generating 300 green manufacturing jobs in Kenya. The company has received over 500 orders from bus operators in Nairobi and 100 reservations from operators in Kigali, Rwanda.

Moses Nderitu, BasiGo Kenya’s Managing Director, emphasized the importance of policymakers fostering an environment conducive to innovation, job creation, and economic development for a brighter future in mobility in Kenya and Africa.

“We have proven that local assembly is viable and impactful. Now, we urge policymakers to create an enabling environment that fosters innovation, job creation, and economic growth. Together, we can chart a brighter future for mobility in Kenya and Africa,” added Mr Nderitu.

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