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Qualcomm Reveals Snapdragon X Plus Platform for Laptops

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Qualcomm has introduced its latest offering, the Snapdragon X Plus platform tailored for laptops. Key features include a robust 10-core Oryon CPU, capable of reaching speeds of up to 3.4 GHz, and support for up to 64GB of RAM with a bandwidth of 135 GB/s.

A standout feature of the X Plus is its 45 TOPS NPU, touted by Qualcomm as the fastest NPU for laptops globally. The platform promises exceptional performance, extended battery life, and real-time on-device AI capabilities.

Qualcomm showcased the platform’s prowess through various demonstrations, including code generation in Visual Studio Code using Codegen, music generation in Audacity using Riffusion, and live captions in OBS Studio, all powered by on-device AI for real-time performance.

Comparatively, the Oryon CPU in the X Plus boasts 37% faster performance than certain undisclosed competitors while consuming up to 54% less power. The chip supports LPDDR5x memory, features a total cache of 42MB, and is fabricated on a 4nm process. Notably, the X Plus supports up to three external displays, each capable of 4K HDR resolution (though limited to 60 Hz), and offers Wi-Fi 7 support, Bluetooth 5.4, an advanced camera ISP, and immersive lossless audio.

Laptops leveraging the Snapdragon X Plus, alongside the higher-end X Elite variant, are expected to hit the market from leading global OEMs around the middle of this year.

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