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Bolt Business Coupons allows businesses to share or fully cover the cost of employee rides

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Bolt, the on-demand mobility firm, has announced new Bolt Business Coupons to allow businesses to share or fully cover the cost of a one-off ride with their employees and customers.

Coupons, a part of Bolt Business platform, aim to support customers with business travel needs like travel to company events, employee travel benefits packages, and improving client satisfaction. 

Peris Wandeto, Bolt Business Country Manager in Kenya said, “Our Bolt Business customers tell us they want an easier way to fully cover or share costs of one-off rides for employees, and current or potential clients, without needing to add them to the Bolt Business Account. That’s why we’re launching Bolt Business Coupons to support customers in Kenya with easier ways to use our services for the cost efficiency, control, flexibility, scalability, customer experience, employee satisfaction they’re looking for. 

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When a Bolt Business customer issues a Coupon, the person taking the trip will receive a code by email, which they can simply copy and paste into their Bolt app. Customers can choose from three types of coupons. With Unlimited Coupons, the person receiving the coupon can take any number of rides within a set spending limit. Percentage Coupons give a set percentage off a ride up to a certain amount whilst Fixed Amount Coupons cover a set amount.

Coupons can be used for any mode of business travel with Bolt Business. To support travel needs, customers can control the discount level and when travelers can redeem coupons. Business customers can see how many Coupons have been redeemed or used and the data from Business Account can be exported to streamline reporting and billing.

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