Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Digital Innovators Report Reveals Top Tech Leaders Contributing to Innovative Organisational Transformation in Europe

Going cloud-native entails abstracting several cloud-native infrastructure layers, such as networks, servers, and operating systems, and defining...

Telegram raises $1B from Russian Direct Investment Fund, Mubadala & Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners

Telegram has raised more than $1 billion to help enable it to continue with its global growth...


In India, email service providers' demand, email services for transactions, email marketing, and email verification services have...

KeNIC Adjusts Domain Registration and Renewal Prices

The .ke domain registry KeNIC has moved to harmonize the registration and renewal prices of the third...

Airtel Mobile Commerce, Airtel Africa’s mobile money business raises $200m from TPG’s The Rise Fund

Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV), Airtel Africa's mobile money business has raised $200 million from The...

Kenyans On Twitter React To The Hiked Fuel Prices

Kenyans on Twitter have been complaining about fuel prices and as usual we deal with everything humorously and in a light manner even when really on the ground we're all saddened by this fuel prices.

Equity Bolsters its Support to SMEs with $75M Women Guarantee Fund with African Guarantee Fund (AGF)

The African Guarantee Fund (AGF) will provide a USD 75 Million (Kshs 8.25 Billion) guarantee fund to...

How To Apply For A Tender In Kenya

Winning a tender is a huge milestone as far as business success is concerned. But what exactly do you need in order to win a tender? Below is the best procedure of applying for a Tender in Kenya.