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How can Speech Analytics Help Transform Businesses During COVID19?

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Communication is critical across all business ramifications, and every organisation exchanges information between employees, managers, customers, contractors and third parties. However, the aftermath of COVID-19 threatens the nature of business communications, but speech analytics sets in to reduce the impact.

Besides, airline and travel customers spiked a few months ago regarding flight cancellations, which needed to be managed appropriately. Estimated to grow by USD 2.17 billion between 2019 and 2023, the CAGR progress of speech analytics is nearly 18% around the period of forecast.

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Fortunately, businesses can join the trend by investing in flexible speech analytics. Meanwhile, since COVID19 went hard on call centres, we’d be discovering how speech analytics software reconciles the effect.

  1. Make Contactless Conversation Real

COVID-19 forces call centres to receive more frequent calls than ever since most customers would typically avoid crowds. And these customers want to be treated like they would if they met the customer service physically.

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As businesses would expect, speech analytics, call simplification tech, provides artificial intelligence options for businesses to leverage to ensure calls with reality sensation.

Typical conversational analytics guides intelligent actions through the call agents to personalise and animate conversations. This also implies an equal level of customer service and ensures compliance customers notice during physical contact sessions.

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  1. Detect Customer’s Mood and Refine Responses

It is imperative to understand customers or product consumers, but which is especially challenging amidst the COVID-19 effect. The objective is to understand customer problems following contextual analytics categories to detect users’ moods from agent or customer voice insights.

Moreover, speech analytics makes customer response and business modifications a priority. So, your organisation can conveniently prioritise actions following insightful evidence.

  1. Route Customers to Appropriate Agents

Artificial Intelligence-based text analytics can route customers to the proper call agents following the nature of their problem and dissatisfaction level.

How it functions is that conversational or discourse analytics identifies call basis and agent approaches toward proffering solutions. The system then uses organisational hierarchy information to determine suitable agents and route complaints to them instantly.

  1. Enhance Remote Performance and Coach Agents

Discourse or speech analytics enhance remote performance in many ways—for instance, fresh remote-working categories guide call centre managers to get the best of the agents. Speech analytics ensures that managers respond effectively and are sensitive to customer demands.

Depending on the call centre solutions, managers may be able to analyse agents’ responsiveness and fill visible gaps to enhance conversations. This action further results in optimal discourses.

  1. Analytics Simplifies Remoteness

Typical modern businesses work with data, and speech analytics encourages and ensures accurate data tracking and report. When you filter call data, you seamlessly detect lags that could be corrected, following the metrics.

Since every actionable data is delivered online through digital analytics, teleworking is enhanced, and both agents and customers experience finesse communication.

Meanwhile, collected data helps with building, adding new functionalities, releasing updates, etc., that backs the business.

  1. Provide Agent Alternatives

Discourse analytics systems are thoughtfully designed, of course, with the awareness that customers would welcome shortcut solutions. Speech analytics software can discover patterns in queries; thus, guiding managers’ decisiveness. 

Instead of bugging agents, these queries could be designed as marketing emails pushed to email addresses, website pages, or a series of pre-recorded information that solve common user problems.

Customers prefer alternatives that solve the problem because most may not have the time to hold long conversations with call agents. Besides, agents get to enjoy abbreviated calls, making it possible to focus on customers with complex problems.

  1. Matching Trends

It is imperative to match trends, especially in the light of COVID-19, to hold firmly onto the competitive yardstick. Otherwise, your company diminishes and may not have the opportunity to reclaim its original spot in the game.

When you select analytic solutions, you want to be sure of trendy insights that edge your company with regards to innovativeness. Of course, trends focus on enhanced customer satisfaction, emotions and analytical approaches towards improving call experience.

Deciding an Analytics Solutions

When selecting an analytics software provider, you want to focus on growing vendors with potentials or that recognised vendors.

Your business, especially the pandemic aftereffect, would best be managed by a provider that can streamline call facets, knowing what your business and agents need.

The goal of the provider must centre on customer experience transformation, following data-driven insights for changes.

Also, select a provider capable of personalising business relationships to conveniently capture multiple communication channels and incite actions that enhance the business’ call experience.


The call centre is a vital frontline in any business; their contribution can make or break a customer-company relationship and must be handled delicately. Considering the variability, inefficiencies and high turnovers of the contact centre, managers want to pay particular attention to it.

As mentioned earlier, every conversation is a make or break for the company, and a break is the least expected currently. Besides, most customers prefer contactless services, and you wouldn’t expect them to frequent office visits or customer loss when investing and implementing the right speech analytics tool.

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