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Kenya’s Nationwide Free Wi-Fi Initiative Spurs Mixed Reactions

Wifimap, an organization claiming the title of the world's largest Wi-Fi hotspot database operator, reports that Kenya boasts 11,420 accessible free Wi-Fi hotspots. This places Kenya in the 12th position on the continent, trailing its neighbouring Somalia, which boasts 11,805 free Wi-Fi hotspots

How to fix Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration on windows.

When it works properly, Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing. You can probably bring a gadget around with...

How to Protect Your Wi-Fi from Your Neighbors

It's time to stop your neighbors from siphoning off your bandwidth—possibly putting you in legal jeopardy as...

How To Find Wi-Fi Password 2022

In this article, I'll show you how to recover your password on a Mac, Windows, iOS, or...

Caution! Wi-fi name makes your iPhone network unusable

Do you often dial into foreign WLAN networks with your iPhone? Then caution is not only required...

How To Find Your Wi-Fi Password On Your Laptop

Wi-fI password for a friend that came over the weekend though I failed to get it on my phone I got it on my password and just under 5 minutes (okay, maybe 10) nevertheless I felt smarter and all I can say is don't leave me with your laptop in your house if you don't want me finding the password because

How To Turn Your Mobile Data Into A Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes your Wi-Fi may be slow or maybe you haven't paid for it or KPLC messed you up, all in all you need to know how you can turn your mobile data into a Wi-Fi connection.

How to share a Wi-Fi connection using the QR Code on your Android smartphone.

Wi-Fi is one of the most widely used network connections on your smartphone, helping you save valuable...