Rwanda’s Government Launches An Automated Workflow Management System



In a bid to improve government efficiencies Rwandan Government has launched an automated workflow management system to improve government efficiencies.

Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, has officially launched a new Document Tracking and Workflow Management System (DTWMS) named E-Mboni, intended at promoting government organizational efficiency.

The project is co-funded by the Government of Rwanda and the World Bank and was launched at the local government level in Kigali City council, an institution that has championed implementation of the system.

E-Mboni seeks to improve overall efficiency, accountability and transparency in government through the use of electronic documents and records lifecycle management.

Nsengimana said: “This system is meant to improve inter and intra governmental efficiencies ultimately geared to serving Rwandans in an efficient and effective manner. The advantage of this system is that it is flexible and mobile; one can work wherever he or she is in order to serve clients without delay.”

According to RDB Head of Department for ICT, Patrick Nyirishema, “The System is solution oriented – it is meant to drastically reduce the use of paper based processing and also automate, accelerate and simplify administrative processes.”He portrayed the project as an enabler for administrative reform in government operations and will boost Rwanda’s economic transformation.

The Document Tracking and Workflow Management System (e-Mboni) has a centralized structure that can be used in any Ministry or Public Service Organization to track the progress of documents throughout their life cycle. The system allows secure and consistent storage of documents as well as increased information retrieval efficiency through powerful and fast search option.

The Mayor of Kigali City, Fidele Ndayisaba, praised the system, saying that “E-Mboni has come at a time when we actually need it. We are already using it to speed up processes within. Services like offering Construction Permits, Modern and Smart City (MIS) are now being offered more efficiently due to this system. We are using less time and less paper which saves on cost and is environmentally friendly. Files are more secure and are directed to the right person and in good time. There will be better service delivery with this system.”

E-Mboni is developed for all ministries and district offices and ready to be used. Already five ministries are using the system ,for instance Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Youth and ICT, Ministry of Infrastructure, and Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs; three district offices; and one government organization .

Document Tracking and Workflow Management System (DTWMS) will be used in daily work for all incoming and outgoing documents; this will reduce the use of papers in different institutions.