Nigeria: Donate blood and save a life with hack4life



Wheww! So I haven’t written on TechMoran in a while, my project to ensure maximum visibility for one of the most amazing proudly African brands, has been taking all my time and I am sure everyone understands. but I promise to try to write much more often.

My good friend @MrBankole is the reason why I actually decided to take out some time to write this particular piece. He sent me a message on twitter with the caption “Hey, what email can I reach you on…I’ve got news you’ll be interested in. A PR for high level context, then we can talk about it more”.

I was a bit excited when I got the message because I felt there would be some money or opportunity for me to make some big contacts and I hurriedly called Bankole, only to discover that what he had to talk to me about is the most important thing after my relationship with Jesus, and that is “Life”.


What Bankole was talking about was so unique that after I dropped the call I decided to do some research and I discovered, an organisation that is interested in getting Nigerians to blood donors.

@MrBankole, OO the Nigerian, One Percent ProjectCcHub, Audax Solutions, and Hellofood are partnering in several ways to do what they call “Hack4Health”, but I call “Hack4life”. They are building an app called LifeBank,to make it very easy for people to give blood , and they are building it in 3 days over this weekend.

According to Osita Nwoye, the hackathon coordinator, “Access to safe blood in Nigeria needs urgent attention, and we are using web and mobile technology to facilitate this, while raising societal awareness of the benefits of donating.”

Let us support them, bloggers, media persons, corporate bodies and every Nigerian. The change you seek starts with YOU! save a life, donate blood today, support the life bank app!