CEO Weekends: Samsung Unveils a Foldable, Health Monitoring Phone That Changes Color



Samsung has revealed a model smartphone that folds out into an almost tablet-size device. The phone uses a new reflective display hat changes color every now and then. Phone would support wearable RFID health monitoring devices, Samsung says

The company’s strategy chief Young Sohn this week verified the concept smartphone at the start of the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco. The phone has two side flaps that fold out to expand the phone’s operable size.

The reflective display of the smartphone can change its RGB color through the use of implanted photonic crystal. The color of the display represents different styles the phone can be in.

The video shown at the MobileBeat conference revealed a disposable RFID chip in the form of a wearable patch is shown sending the vital health signs of a user to the new phone. This health data can easily be forwarded to a physician.

The video states that an “electromagnetic wave generator and detector are integrated in the patch sensor.”

Sohn said: “while only a small number of RFID wearable sensors are in use today, that number will skyrocket as the chips become part of clothing, glasses and other objects”.