IBM Acquires Trusteer



IBM, the leading data security intelligence, has announced a state-of-the-art agreement to acquire a leading provider of software that helps protect organizations against financial fraud and advanced threats, Trusteer.

The acquirement of Trusteer advances the investment IBM is making in cloud-delivered software and services.

As part of the announcement complement, the company (IBM) is forming a cyber security software lab in Israel that will bring together more than 200 Trustee and IBM researchers and developers to focus on mobile and application security, advanced threat, malware, counter-fraud, and financial crimes.

Trusteer software can identify missed security threats in the traditional security software realm as its software performs detection of malware that can infect a Smartphone, enabling the bank to take steps to prevent counterfeit behavior and account takeover before the transaction occurs.

“Trusteer’s expertise and superior technology in enterprise endpoint defense and advanced malware prevention will help our clients across all industries address the constantly evolving threats they are facing,” said Brendan Hannigan, General Manager, Security Systems Division, IBM.

Among the capabilities Trusteer will bring to the IBM security portfolio include, security as a Service Delivered through the Cloud which will complement more than 100 Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offered by IBM.

Another capability is Comprehensive Counter-Fraud and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) a programme which will scale to help protect tens of millions of endpoints, including smartphones and tablets.

The acquisition of Trusteer will complement IBM’s advanced portfolio of counter-fraud software and services, including QRadar, i2, SPSS, InfoSphere and Enterprise Content Management. These capabilities offer predictive, content and investigative analytics to help prevent and solve cases of fraud for private and public sector organizations.

It will also help to secure mobile transactions by provide account takeover prevention, compromised device detection, complex device fingerprinting and a global fraudster database.