Africell Gambia and Siera Leone Partner with iSend to Enable Users Receive Top Ups from Abroad



iSend, Africell Gambia and Sierra Leone have partnered to increase users who can benefit from top ups from relatives and friends in the Diaspora.

iSend customers can top up any family member’s or friend’s cell phone at any level, with instant verification. Customers are not charged for the service beyond the normal price of airtime, and it is an extremely convenient way to keep communications open during holidays, major events or emergencies.

“iSend’s direct arrangement with Africell marks our continuing efforts to partner with dominant carriers worldwide to offer our customers maximum convenience,” said Dan Lambert, iSend’s vice president of carrier relations. “We look forward to working with Africell Gambia and Africell Sierra Leone to create attractive offers for their subscribers.”

Zein Annous, commercial director of Africell Sierra Leone, said that “Africell Gambia and Africell Sierra Leone have achieved approximately 60 percent market share in their respective countries, which comes from providing outstanding service and convenience.”

“Our partnership with iSend expands that convenience by making it easy for our customers’ prepaid mobile phones to be topped up by their loved ones abroad, keeping them ready for communications at any time.”