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Kenyans Being Conned through Mobile Money in the Wake of WestGate Mall Attack

by Vince Matinde
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Image from nabc.nl

Image from nabc.nl

The Inspector General of Kenya has warned the Kenyan public not to fall to conmen who are taking advantage of the ongoing attack to solicit funds for “victims”.

According to David Kimaiyo, the Inspector General at the eye of the security storm, Kenyans need to be wary of those seeking to fleece them of cash in the guise of assisting victims in the wake of the WestGate terror attack that has so far claimed 68 people.

“I want to inform Kenyans that as far as the National Police Service is concerned, it is only Safaricom through their number 848484 and Airtel through their paybill facility that are collecting donations,” he said in a statement.

“For this matter therefore, I want to warn Kenyans to be wary of such requests and before they commit any of their resources, they should verify them to avoid being duped by unscrupulous individuals.”

He added that, “Meanwhile, I want to urge any institutions or bodies which wish to organize for support to follow proper channels and equally notify authorities and Kenyans in a way that they may not be taken advantage of.”

This came as Orange entered the fray to collect cash for the victims through their paybill number 222222. Safaricom has since collected over 30 million Kenya shillings speedily heading to the 50 million mark.

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