Nigeria’s Unveils Biggest Ecommerce Fulfilment Centre & Warehouse In Africa


Sim 2Nigeria’s online superstore, has unveiled Africa biggest fulfillment centre and warehouse.

Standing at  120,000 sq feet, the biggest of any single online retailer in Africa, the centre will be Konga’s new distribution centre in a move to help the firm build a world class online retail business in Nigeria.

According to Konga; “This is all about our customers as they are the reason why we are number one in Nigeria today. Logistics is the bedrock of any successful retailer, and today marks a turning point in our business and for Nigeria as a whole.  With this new distribution centre we are demonstrating our commitment ‎to powering retail in Nigeria by building a company that Nigerians will be proud to use and associate with around the world. We are also creating new jobs, introducing new skill sets and exposing Nigerians to a new way of life.”

shagayaLaunched July 2012, the online retailer is gradually becoming “the everything store” with its wide selection of products via its marketplace and fulfillment by Konga platforms, giving Nigerian businesses the opportunity to come online and consumers the opportunity to shop online. In just one year of operations, the firm has laid solid retail, technology and logistics foundations building a system by which buyers and sellers can find each other, conveniently.

kongaftcCOO, Alex Kamara said,” This new FC both meets our immediate needs and also provides ample scope for expansion as we grow.  As you can see we are currently using only half the floor space.  This setup allows us to optimize efficient operation for our current size but offers the scope and flexibility for very rapid expansion of the operations as needed.  Note the height of the ceilings.  We can actually utilize 4 times the space we currently occupy by introducing a second level above the first.”

The FC is expected to provide a durable platform for the physical operations of the business, allow the firm to offer a broader and deeper selection of wares; give the firm’s retail partners to offer a wider selection through our Marketplace and Fulfilment by Konga channels; and for the firm’s customers, it will give them a wide variety to choose from plus improved service delivery at competitive prices.